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Q: What percentage of new jobs require postsecondary education?
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Which civil engineering jobs do not require higher education?

Civil engineering is a large field of work and some of the jobs do not require a high level of education. The lower leveled ones do not require higher education such as college.

What percentage of jobs require eighteen years of age?

Mostly jobs that require serving beer or alcohol.

What education must one have to apply for engineering jobs?

Engineering jobs did not used to require education. Because the job market has become more competitive most engineering jobs require at least a bachelor degree. Some even require a master's degree.

What are some jobs at Apple that do not require higher education?

There are very few jobs at Apple that don't require higher education, but there are some. These include janitors, some secretarial positions, and grounds keepers.

What kind of job requires science education?

A great many jobs require science education, especially depending upon the field. Jobs as field technicians, engineers, lab technicians, and researchers can all require a science education.

What jobs can you get with a bachelor of science in mathematics?

No jobs can GET you a bos. Only a formal education can get you one. Lots of jobs require that you have a bos.

What are high paying jobs that require college education?

phamacist and pediatrist

Is there a trend to require less education for jobs?

If you figured out the answers let me know!(:

What type of education do companion jobs require?

Companion jobs are often considered Personal Care Workers. Their education is college based, and takes anywhere from 1.5 to 2 years. Often the elderly, and disabled require companions.

Are there jobs available that do not require a college degree?

There are various jobs that do not require a college degree, though these days more and more jobs are beginning to require at least a partial college education. Finding one of these jobs really depends upon what field you are planning to work in, if it is a more specialized field, you may need to attend some schooling. Most insurance jobs likely require at least a bit of education in the insurance field.

What type of education is needed for insurance adjusters jobs?

Education is needed for insurance adjusters jobs. Many companies require for a adjuster to have a college education. They also have to obtain a license to work in this field of work.

What are three jobs that require advanced education?

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