What percentage of people smoke marijuana in the us?


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About 1% of the population of the United States (About 1.4 million) Smoke daily.

Roughly 60% of Americans have at one time or another smoked marijuana.

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The answer to this will never be accurate because many people who use marijuana say that they don't.

From the percentage of teens I know, more then 85% smoke marijuana. That's just in one small city in a state. I can not say for any other places.

71% of women in the us consume pot.

me, you, and everyone else man tell you what

I believe it is somewhere around 20 million.

The percentage of people who tried these drugs. Marijuana:42% Cocaine:16% Weed:

Either 88% or 78%, one of those

20000 people smoke in the us

no were only in Canada unless you have a medical reason. in Canada, you can grow and smoke marijuana. but selling it is highly illegal

The legal status of Marijuana in almost any part of the world is Class A: Non-Tradeable and illiegal to even have.

Yes. The US federal government deems it illegal to posess, consume, or cultivate Marijuana period.

People usually smoke it like a cigarette, They roll it up in a thin piece of paper and light the end it's as simple as that. People have died from marijuana that little saying weed doesn't kill us guns do? LIE Weed does kill us!

in the US not legaly its not legal for anyone but if you want to go for it

You can find marijuana for sale anywhere there is people.

In some States of the US it is Legal and In other Countries, Also People with medical reasons can smoke legally. Hope that helped ^^

It is illegal for a person of any age to smoke or possess marijuana in the US unless it is prescribed to them.

The percentage of people in the US that can read is 99% .

No. THey are not allowed to. Just because it is part of their religion does not make it legal for them to do so. In California it is legal to smoke it only if you are the person growing it for yourself. You are not allowed to sell it.

24 percent of the people in the United States smoke.

Each year people smoke about 3 million or more cigarettes in the US.

Trillions of people all around the world smoke and it can be very harmful. Never smoke it can kill you.

With scales, by the gram. Marijuana is largely responsible for teaching the Metric System to the US.

Yep....its now legal in California...but you shouldn't smoke weed because its not attractive. 8^)

No, it's just illegal to grow it, possess it, or possess anything used to smoke it.

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