What percentage of profits does a movie producer get out of the total gross?

A Film Producer, as you know, funds the film and its production. Whatever way the film production is funded (whether it is the producers own money or what the studio grants him or her) a producer always gets what he or she negotiated during the contract signing.

They are paid for being on set as well and this can be anywhere from $30,000-$200,000 for two-three months of filming as they are required to be on set and overlook the project and its filming.

Back to profit from Gross...

Let's say a producer produces a film on a $30 million dollar budget (as most movies are funded on now a days) and the film is released and it brings in $75 million. A producer/producers will always get what percentage he or she negotiated. Usually beginning and long time producers always negotiate for 1%-10% of the gross profit. Anything over that is just a huge risk and request for trouble as they have to worry about the film being a box office failure (not passing it's budget/ bringing in money from movie goers).

So...A movie is funded on a $30 million dollar budget, and it brings in $75 or $80 million...And the producer wants 5% (as most producers do), if it is $75 million total of gross profit--then that producer gained him or herself a payment of $3,750,000 million of that gross. Now if the film grossed $80 million then the producer gets $ 4 million of that gross....

Wait! That's just an estimate of what it will make in the UNITED STATES!

If the films worldwide gross profit brings in another $100-$120 million, plus $75 or $80 million from gross profit in the state --- $100 million + $75 million = $175 million (the producer gets 5% of that which equals roughly about $8,750,000)

$100+$80 million=$180 (the producer gets 5% of that which equals $9 million).

My answer may not be thorough but it's some what of an insight. Now if you go on and become a producer and get a great reputation like David Geffen, Stephen Spielberg, James Cameron, or Francis Ford Copolla--expect your profit to be HUGE! :)

If you go on to become a producer, produce a few films and build up your net worth, and then produce your own film that way you can get a higher profit.