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What killed most of the people in the civil war?

War wounds, infection, and disease

What disease killed most soldiers during the civil war?

Dysentery killed most soldiers in the Civil War.

Which volcano killed the most people?

The volcano in Indonesia has killed the most people. It killed 92,000 people.

What mammal has killed the most people in the world?

People have killed the most people in the world.

What war killed the most Americans?

The Civil War

What war had the most killed?

American Civil War

Who was Most important civil war person?

the most important civil WA person was a you! no who am i kidding its Abraham Lincoln

When Horses were used in civil war?

Yes, they were they were used in most battles, sadly alot were hurt and killed along with the people.

What killed most soldiers in the Civil War?

Illness killed more soldiers than battle.

What war killed the most US Soldiers?

the civil war

What volcano eruption killed the most people how many people did it kill?

The volcano that killed the most people is Tambora in Indonessia it killed around 92,000 people.

Which person has killed the most people?

Mao Zedong 100 million! Stalin only 75 mil

Who is a famous zuni person in history?

he killed 17 people in the most famouse war bruse glande

What war in killed the most American soldiers?

The US Civil War.

What kind of bullets killed most civil war soldiers?


What breed of dogs have killed more people?

The Pit bull has killed the most people, surprisingly, as they are so friendly. The second breed that has killed the most people is the Rottweiler.

What was the most deadly war in US history?

The American Civil war had the most men killed.

What battles during the civil war produced the most killed?

I do not believe you kinow the answer

Where on Earth have the most people died?

most people are killed in afganastane.

Which star has killed the most people in their career?

Quite a few celebrities have killed, most of them accidentally, and generally only one person at a time. Both Laura Bush and Vince Neill have unfortunately killed friends of theirs in fatal car crashes.

Does facebook somes times get people killed?

Yes, because most of the people act like a person of who there are not, and the person the faker is talking to always gives adderess away and names that should not be given.

Which british king killed the most people?

King Henry VIIIkilled about 72000 people

What hurricane killed the most people?

1970 Bhola Cyclone killed 300,000-500,000 people.

What battle were the most killed in the civil war?

the battle of antietam was the bloodiest single day battle of the civil war. hope i helped.

What killed most soilders during the civil war?

Disease, especially in the prison-camps.