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If Oskar Schindler got caught helping the Jews, he would be killed.


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No, they had a choice of letting the German government take their money, or give it to Schindler. The German government would give them nothing in exchange, but Schindler would give them a job and some safety.

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The ones who he saved admired him beyond compare, he saved them when most others would not. Others since do not have such a possitive opinion, as he fell into the category of one who saved in exchange for money. It would take the publicity surrounding the 1993 film 'Schindler's List' before Yad Vashem would recognise Schindler as a 'Righteos among nations'. His wife however, who arguably did more to save the Jews that he is credited with saving is held in higher esteme.

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Oskar Schindler was a great man. Although at first he just wanted to profit off of the cheap labour and take adavantage of people and the war, he soon saw the horrors of the holocaust with the liquidation of the ghetto and the way he saw Jews and other cultured people treated. At first he was just greedy however in the end he risked his own life to save people. All the money he made off of the factory helped the people he saved. Basically yes he was a good man.

When discussing about the final solution he asked if he could take some of the Jews as free labor, which was not weird at all and usually happened. Then he would keep asking for more Jews so he could use them for other jobs. He and his wife saved many Jews from going to concentration camps without the Nazis knowing.

In early 1944, however, Plaszow's designation was changed from that of a labor camp to a concentration camp. This meant that its prisoners were suddenly marked for transport to death camps such as Auschwitz. Then came word in the summer that the main camp was to be closed as well as Schindler's factory. Schindler approached Goeth about moving his factory and his workers to Czechoslovakia so that they might continue to supply the Third Reich (Hitler's army) with vital war supplies. After another bribe, the SS officer agreed to throw his support behind the plan and told Schindler to draw up a list of those people he wanted to take with him. Schindler was now faced with the task of choosing those he wanted to save-literally a matter of life and death. Schindler came up with a list containing some eleven hundred names, including all the employees of Emalia Camp and a number of others as well .

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