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He used to say: "Thats one small step for man, and one giant leap for mankind"

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Q: What phrase did Neil Armstrong used to always say?
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Did Neil Armstrong use Columbia to land on the moon?

No Neil Armstrong used the Eagle to land on the moon.

What did the first missions to the moon used?

Neil Armstrong.

What supplies did Neil Armstrong used during his journey?

Well the amazing NEIL ARMSTRONG brought space stuff like the suit,the aicraft,and helmet!

Which spacecraft took neil Armstrong to the moon in 1966?

Neil Armstrong and his crew mates Buzz Aldrin and Micheal Collings used Gemimi 8.

What transport did Neil Armstrong use?

If it is about the moon, then he used a rocket.

What type of vehicle did neil Armstrong use to go to the moon?

he used a rocket.

Who made the spacecraft that Neil Armstrong used to go to the moon?

Beech Aircraft.

What club did neil Armstrong hit on the moon?

Yes! Neil Armstrong played a game I call super ball!

What type of clothes did Neil Armstrong used while in the moon?

None, he went mooning!

What two stations in Australia were used by NASA to beam Neil Armstrong's first?

parkes and canberra

What music was used in BBC trailer for Neil Armstrong first man on the moon?

Moon and moon by Bat for lashes

How did neil Armstrong and buzz Aldrin talk in space?

they used walkie talkies in space to communicate with each other