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In the GameBoy Advance game Pokemon: Emerald, there is a side quest in which you must offer a funny phrase to a man in Rastoboro City. There is no actual phrase. You can, however enter a generated code that is based on your Trainer ID and the reward that you want.

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Q: What phrase do you say to the guy in rustboro whos trying to make his daughter laugh in Pokemon emerald?
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What is the questionnaire phrase for Pokemon emerald?

The phrase is "LINK TOGETHER WITH ALL", then you will be able to activate the mystery gift (:

How many times do you have to beat the elite 4 to get the Mystery gift on Pokemon shapphire?

you don't u have to say a special phrase to the guy next to the PC in rustboro or petalburg

What is the phrase you say to the sick person on Pokemon emerald?

The phrase varies from game to game. There is a generator on this site ( and that will generate your Trainer Card ID # into your saying.

How do you make the girl laugh in Pokemon emerald?

You have to type in a funny phrase when the box comes up.

Where is the trendy phrase in pokemon emerald?

Well actually its really cool. It can be whatever you want and then everyone in the town is saying it!

Where is the Berry master in Pokemon emerald?

In Pokemon Emerald, the Berry Master lives in a house on Route 123. Every day he will give the player two random berries, and every day his wife will give the player one berry if they tell her an interesting phrase.

What is a trendy phrase in pokemon emerald?

In Dewford Town there is a fan club of phrases that are trending throughout the world an advocate of these phrases is outside the club waiting to hear the lastest phrases from the players if you choose to change the phrase the game's program code for finding the pokemon Feebas on the Route southwest of Fortree City will be changed.

On Pokemon emerald what do you type in the box to make the girl laught? do it, it's really cool. telling her the phrase that generates will let you create customized wallpapers for your PC boxes :D

Where to find feebas in Pokemon Emerald?

on route 119 there is a fisherman when you battle him he will have the feebas you can catch them right in front of where he is fishing unless you changed the catchy phrase in dewford town then its position will change

What is the phrase to make the little girl laugh in Pokemon emerald?

There are various phrases that could be used to make Wanda laugh in Pokémon Emerald. You can go to the site, and use the secret word generator. Once you have a word generated tell it to Wanda's father and he will give you a free wallpaper.

In Pokemon emerald are the six spots where you catch feebas together?

no they are random. since you already know there are only six I'm assuming you also know that they change with the phrase you enter at Dewford town.

How do you make the sick girl laugh in Pokemon emerald?

There is no word or phrase but there is a combination of letters and numbers you can say go to this will explain everything you must do you will also get a special suprise =D Hope this helps

How do you change the 'in' phrase in emerald?

Just change the phrase by typing in different words Example: "Encyclopedia Knowledge".

Where do you edit the phrase to get feebas in emerald?

the person's saying lol ^^

How do you find febass in Pokemon emerald?

You can find Feebass in the river by the weather institute, but can only be found within 5 movable squares in the river.The areas can be changed by changing the "trendy phrase" in Dewford town. Hope this helps you! :)

Where can you find a Feebas in Pokemon Emerald?

Feebas in Emerald and in Pokemon Pearl, pearl and diamond you go in mount cornet where there is a lake. and in Emerald you go to route 119 and i appears 6 times so if that happens go to downdraft and change the phrase. USE A SUPER ROD AND FOR A FEEBAS TO EVOLVE MAKE IT EAT BEAUTY BLOCKS AND THEN MAKE IT LEVEL UP AND THEN IT EVOULVES.HOPE THIS helps you! and sorry for the spelling.

What do you call my daughter in law's father?

Your daughter in law's father. There's no special word or phrase for it.

How do you get a Milotic in Pokemon emerald?

You have to go to route 119 and do ALOT of fishing because it appears on 6 random tiles that can be changed by changing the trendy phrase in dewford town. Soz but this is the only way without cheating or trading with someone that does have one

What is the Arabic phrase for daughter of the sky?

ibnatu's'samaa° ابنة السماء

What is the phrase 'eldest daughter' when translated from English to Japanese?


What does the Spanish phrase hija de mi mean?

daughter of me

What is the trendy phrase?

if u picked torchic as your starter the trendy phrase is "Top Torchic" and search the tile at the bottom of the lake. if u picked treecko as your starter the trendy phrase is " Happy treecko"and search the tile by the waterfall. if u picked mudkip as your starter the trendy phrase is "Just Mudkip" and search the tile way bottom of the lake. Note: this is only Pokemon ruby,sapphire,and emerald after finishing the elite four and must obtain super rod.

Where is the phrase Neat but not gaudy found?

josephine tey's Daughter of time

What is the opposite of the phrase like father like son?

Like Mother, like daughter

Pokรฉmon emerald Pokรฉmon league?

Yeah what about it? God, phrase a question properly or else you are SUCH a kindergarten child!