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Piano tuners only use two different tools to fully tune a piano. One of the tools is called the tuning and hammer and is used to test each individual string. The other tool used is the mute, which makes sure other strings aren't played during tuning.

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What instruments can you tune a guitar to?

u can use a piano/keybord to tune a guitar

Which instrument do all of the other instruments tune up to?

All the instruments are tune to the piano. Before an orchestral concert, the musicians will either tune to a note played on the violin by the concertmaster, or an oboist.

What is used to tune instruments?

Usually a pitchfork tuned to A (440 Hz). In an Orchestra the insturments will all tune to the lead violinist or the piano

How do you tell if your piano is out of tune?

There are specified tuners made exclusively for piano incorporating the overtone series to make sure that the piano is perfectly in tune.

Is a piano a woodwind instruments?

no piano is a percussion

How can you tune your piano at home?

Piano tuning at home requires special piano tuning tools. A piano turning wrench is most important. It is not advised to tune your piano yourself and you can find an expert online or in the yellow pages.

How do you fine tune violin strings?

To tune violin strings, one needs to use a tuner (violin or chromatic). A violin teacher, a perfect pitch and a tuned piano or keyboard will also be required.

What instruments preceded the piano?

The short answer is 'Nearly all instruments'. The piano was a comparatively late development in the world of musical instruments. The saxophone was certainly invented after the piano, also the electric guitar and all other electric instruments.

What percussion instruments are pitched?

Many mallet percussion instruments, like the bells, xylo, etc. are pitched. The timp is also pitched, and you have to tune that one. The piano is also a pitched percussion instrument. Many people think that the piano is not a percussion instrument, and that it is a string instrument. This is wrong. The piano uses a type of mallet that hits the pitched piano strings making it a percussion instrument. The harpsichord is like a piano, but uses plucking to strike the strings, making it a string instrument. Actually tom toms are tuned to the preference of the artist, however they are not required to be played at a certain pitch.

What should the beat frequency of two in-tune instruments be?

The beat frequency of two in-tune musical instruments is zero.

What instruments did franz liszt play?

some instruments he played is the violin,organs, and the piano. the instrument he used the most is the piano . people say hes the best at the piano

How do you tune a Suzuki HP-75 Piano?

The Suzuki HP-75 is a digital piano. It does not have actual strings that can be loosened and tightened like an acoustic piano. It never goes out of tune!

What is the difference between a fish and a piano?

you can tune a piano but you can't tuan fish

What is the slang for piano keys?

The slang for piano keys is "Ivories" as in "Tinkle the ivories", which is to play a tune on a piano.

How often should a piano be tuned?

Once every 6 months to a year is best, especially if you want your piano to be in "perfect tune". However, a piano can be in tune quite well by tuning it just once every two years. It truly depends on the piano in question and how in tune you'd like it to be.

Is A piano trio is an ensemble of three pianos?

No,a piano trio is a piano and two other instruments being played together. The three instruments could be a piano, a violin, and a cello-this is the most common piano trio.

What are Antonio vivaldis instruments?

Vivaldi's instruments were the violon and the piano

What part of your body makes a singing tune on the piano?

Your fingers (10) make a tune come from the piano. If you hum or sing along to the tune, the sound from your body comes from your vocal cords.

Can Fish Taste?

well you know what they say you can tune a piano but you cant tune a fish

What is a good sentence using the word tune?

You can tune a piano, but you can't tuna fish.

Why is the piano so important to musicians?

it's easy 2 tune instruments 2..and it's like easier 2 start singing a song by starting the 1st couple notes on the piano.. 2 me it's easier 2 play..

Why would a piano go out of tune every 15 minutes?

If a piano is rarely played, when it's tuned it will still be a bit out of tune. Most likely if you just got your piano and haven't played it much, tuning it won't help for a bit. You will have to play the piano often to keep it in tune after it's been tuned.

Is the piano tuned or untuned?

A piano has to be tuned or the sound (music produced) would be out of tune.

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