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0.5 mg lorazepam (generic for Ativan) manufactured by Mylan Pharmaceuticals. It is an anti-anxiety medication.

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How do you change 321 cm to m?

Divide by 100. 321 cm = 3.21 m

What pill says m 30?

If you have a maroon colored pill with an M with a square around the M and the other side 30 its a 30 miligram Morphine. If u have a light blue colored pill w/ the M 30 its a 30 miligram oxycodone-name brand Roxicodone. Hope this helps!

What imprints do 30 milligram Percocet have on them?

depends, i know of two one says m 30, with a line going down the middle on the other side, and its a small white pill another says a 215 and its a small blue pill

Dose Tylenol 3 have an 8 on one side and a m on the other side round white pill?

I have white round pill that the bottle says it's Tylenol 3 it has an 8 on one side and an m on the other. Are they Tylenol 3?

What round white pill says p7 on one side and m on the other?

it's chlorhestarmine ..... its an antihistimine used for allergies....

How many meters is 321 cm?

100 centimetres = 1 metre so 321 cm = 3.21 m

What is the setting in matched?

its in the Oria province it says it on page 321

What pill is white and blue and says bp50?

i think its a tylenol PM pill

What is a round blue pill with m on it?

The M stands for morphine.

Can you take an inactive and an active pill the same day on bc?

Yes, but there's no point in taking the inactive pill, as it has no medication. The effect is no different from taking an active pill and an M&M.

How do you take detox pill?

take it with a glass of water, and you will be flushed out by whenever the pill says.

M 8 triangle pill?

Dilaudid 8mg - White triangle scored pill with an M on one side and a 8 on the other side

What is round white pill with M on one side and A21 on the other?

According to Drug.com's Pill Identifier, a round white pill imprinted with 'M' and 'A21' is Alprazolam Extended-Release, 0.5mg.

What is 321 plus 321?

321 + 321 = 642

Is an orange pill with o m and 100 on it Oxycodone?

According to an online Pill ID site, an orange pill with an "O-M" and "100" is Nucynta (tapentadol) 100mg. That is not Oxycodone, but it is an opioid pain medication, as is Oxycodone.

What was loritab number appers on pill?

The number on the pill is M 363 and I want to know the milligrams of the pil?

What is a m15 pill?

If it were a drug (small round white pill, M over 15), it might be Lomotil, an antidiarrheal.

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