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What is and has been a place to debate the king?


How did king duncan always feel about cawdor?

He always trusted him.

Has Norway always had a king?

Norway has always had a king except the times Norway was taken over by Denmark and Sweden.

Who will be the new king of pop?

Nobody is the new king of pop, it will always be Michael, just like Elvis will always be the king of rock and roll.

Will michael jackson always be the king of pop?

Yes he will always hold that title

Who is the king of pop now Michael Jackson is dead?

Michael, he'll always be the the king of pop just like Elvis will always be the king of rock and roll.

How did Zeus become ruler of Olympus?

He was always the king. he had the most power out of all of the gods. He was always the king. he had the most power out of all of the gods.

Why America always wants to be king?

Because we can.

Do king fishers always migrate?


Is the wife of a king always called queen?


Does a king always need a queen?

Not necessarily.

What did Martin Luther King jr do about it?

well that is easy Martin Luther king Jr. always did the best for every thing because always went againstviolance he always saw his dad he fought for freedom and won so that is watt he did about it

Who was the King of Switzerland in 1700?

Switzerland does not and never has had a King. It is and always has been a republic.

Was martin Luther king a powerful man?


Has dick king smith always been an author?


Were barons always keen to rebel against the king?


Why is there a queen or king of england?

Because there has always been one and there is an established constitutional monarchy which has been in place since the signing of the magna carta.

Is dr king a common noun?

The noun Dr. King is a proper noun the name of a person. A proper noun is always capitalized. A proper noun is the name of a person, a place, or a thing.

How many times does the word ALWAYS appear in the Bible?

In the King James version the word - always - appears 62 times

What was king Solomon's strength?

King Solomons strength was that he had the gift of wisdom and God was always with him

Was there ever a King Norville in Switzerland?

No, Switzerland has never had a king. It is, and always has been, a republic.

Has Michael Jackson been the king of pop?

Yes he has and always will!

Is there a McDonald's in the Seatac airport?

No, but there's always Burger King ;-)

Why were loyalist loyalist?

because they believed that the king was always right.

Will harry always be a prince?

Yes, unless he becomes King