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Lady Gaga got plastic surgery for a refinement on her nose.


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Nowhere. Lady Gaga has had no plastic surgery.

Well, "Laddy" Gaga is male, but "Lady" Gaga is female.

Inspite of rumours; At the Current Time , Lady Gaga has had no plastic surgery

noooo. or if gaga is she does an incredible job of concealing it.

No, but she is known as a freak!

lady gaga did have plastic surgery u c she was a man but then changed her gender

Yes, she had and she is now pretty :)

Yes. She has enhanced cheek bones.

She hasn't had plastic surgery because she is against it. She did wear prosthetics on her face for born this way though.

Yes, I think she has had plastic surgery on her nose. pretty sure! x

Lady GaGa is a female.

Although there has been much speculation about Lady Gaga's potential plastic surgery, her representatives have declined to comment about it.

Lady Gaga has denied all the rumors of plastic surgery. She has actually made several statements about being happy with yourself in any form you may take and celebrating your perceived flaws.

she was a stripper,but it is not bad because it was her choice

yes, she make it out of her dogs hair !!x

No. The only known plastic surgery that she has had was Rhinoplasty (a nose job).

I'm not sure but she wanted to in July 2009.

She is 26 now she turned 26 on March 26 2011. :)

at ittalion places of course and olive garden maybe at Starbucks

when i watched it the men were not wearing women clothes

I think around 2010 she got plastic surgery on her face but i dont know if that counts

He could be a girl and get plastic surgery its possable that's wat i think

No, actually she said she was "too chicken to do it". Therefore, according to Lady Gaga, she has not had it but she is not against it nor does she judge people who have had it. Well she would have it but shes a chicken to do it.

what is laddie gaga real nameStefani Joanne Angelina Germanotta

You may think it is wierd but she wants to be original and daring she wants to be different.

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