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The Union planned to capture Mississippi. This would break the South in half and create more problems.

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Anaconda plan.

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Q: What plan was used to split the confederacy?
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The plan to gain control of the Mississippi river and split the confederacy in two was called?

the anaconda plan

What was the name if the union strategy to control the Mississippi River and split the confederacy?

Anaconda plan

What was rhe name of the Union strategy to control the Mississippi River and split the Confederacy?

Anaconda Plan

Why was Farragut victory in April 1862 so important?

It advanced the Union plan to split the confederacy along the Mississippi River.

How did the battle of Vicksburh relate to the Anaconda Plan?

Once Grant gained control of Vicksburg, it cut the Confederacy in half. Everything west of the Mississippi River had no communication with the rest of the Confederacy. This relates to the Anaconda plan because the more that the Union can split the Confederacy, the weaker it will become and the more likely it will be to surrender.

Why was the capture of Chattanooga important for the Union?

Railroad lines from Chattanooga linked major distribution centers of the Confederacy; it was a key in Lincoln's plan to "divide and conquer" the South.

Which was the one goal in the union's was to take control of the Mississippi river so that the confederacy would be split in two?

The objective was Vicksburg, the last Confederate stronghold on the Mississippi.

How did the union victory at Vicksburg affect confederacy?

the confederacy was split in two after it lost strongholds along the mississippi river.

Which major river split the confederacy?

the Mississippi

How did Scott's Anaconda Plan use geography and how the North's naval blockade affected the South?

The Anaconda plan was strategically simplistic and of course tactically difficult to implement. It entailed controlling the Mississippi (which would split the Confederacy) and blockading the South to prevent exports (which would be used to pay for weapons).

Why was Northern success in siege of Vicksburg important?

Northern success in the Siege of Vicksburg was important because the Union had a plan called the anaconda plan. The anaconda plan is when the Union planned to cut the Confederacy in half. By doing this, the Confederacy would not have any way to obtain (get) supplies (food, clothes, weaponry, etc.) When the siege of Vicksburg was a success, the Union was able to carry out the anaconda plan since the Mississippi River is in Vicksburg, and by taking over the Mississippi River, that split the Confederacy into two.

What river split the confederacy in two parts?