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The planets which are rock planets are :





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Who are the two planets that gas giants and rock planets?

there are 8 planets, not considering pluto. the four closest to the sun are rock planets

Why are inner planets called rock planets?

They have solid surfaces composed of rock.

What are two types of planets?

there are gas planets and rock planets

What planet is made out of rock?

There are multiple planets made of rock. Those planets are Mercury, Venus, Earth, Mars, and Pluto. There planets are not only made of rock but they are the only planets in our solar system to truly have a base substance of rock.

How do the planets in the two groups different?

The first 4 planets, Mercury, Venus, Earth, and Mars, are called rock planets, and the last 4, Jupiter, Saturn, Uranus, and Neptune, are the gas planets. The main differences between these two groups are that the rock planets are made of rock, the gas planets are made of gas, the rock planets are typically smaller than the gas planets, and the gas planets have rings.

What planets are made of mostly iron and rock?

The inner planets mostly made of rock and iron

What have they found on the planets?

the found different rock on the planets

What are the four solid planets made of?

these planets are small rock solid planets.

What planets are the rock planets?

The Rocky Planets, or Inner Planets, include Mercury, Venus, Earth, and Mars.

Is Jupiter terresrial?

No. Terrestrial planets are planets that are made of rock.

Are mercury and mars gas planets?

No, they are not, they are both rock planets.

What other planets have there own planets?

Planets do not have planets of their own. If a large rock is orbiting a planet, it is called a moon.

What are inner planets sometimes called?

The rock planets. and the outer planets are called the gas giants.

Rock similar to that which formed planets?

the similar rock is asteroid.

What are all 8 planets made of?

the inner planets are made of rock, the outer planets are made of gas

What divides the planets into inner planets and outer planetss?

the 4 inner planets are rock planets and the 4 outter planets are gas planets separated by the asteroid belt

Why are the densities of terrestrial planets greater than Jovian planets?

Terrestrial planets are made of rock. Jovian planets are gas giants.

What planet was spotted beyond the planets?

the planets that are spotted beyond the planets are not relly planets they are like pluto small balls of rock

What are planets made up of?

Planets are made up of many different particles. Such as iron, rock, metal, lighter rock elements.

What planets are composed of rock?

Mercury, Venus, Earth, and Mars are the rocky planets.

Are all outer planets gas?

yes but all inner planets are rock

What planets are classified as terrestrial planet?

Terrestrial planets are mercury,venus earth, mars.Also called as rock planets.

Are the inner planets made from rock or gas?

The inner planets are rocky. It is the outer planets that are gaseous.

What is the difference between gas planets and rocky planets?

gas planets are made out of gas rock planets are made out of rocks that form together

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