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Q: What planets have rings in the Milky Way?
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It is most well known for its rings?

There are three major planets in the Milky Way solar system that are known for their rings. These planets are Saturn, Jupiter and Neptune.

How did planets get to the Milky Way?

The planets were formed in the Milky Way. Our Galaxy (Milky Way) is older than the planets of our solar system.

How far are the planets from the Milky Way?

Most planets that have been discovered are in the Milky Way

Does the milky way have other planets inside of it?

Yes. There have been hundreds of planets discovered in other stars in the Milky Way. It has been estimated that the Milky Way likely contains hundreds of billions of planets.

How many rings does the milky way galaxy have?

A galaxy does not have rings.

How many official planets are there in the milky way?

There are more than 350 known planets in the milky way, with only 8 in our solar system.

What other planets are in the milky way galaxy?

All the planets we know of... even those orbiting other stars... are in the Milky Way Galaxy.

What isthe milky way?

The milky way is a GALAXY where the earth and the other 10/11 planets are in.

What distance is from the nearest planet to the Milky Way?

All of the planets in our solar system are in the Milky Way.

Where are the planets of the solar system?

milky way

How many planets are in solar system milky way?

There are trillion trillion planets in our galaxy

What is the milky way in the solar system?

Our solar system is in the Milky Way Galaxy. The Milky Way Galaxyis a collection of billions of stars, planets, etc.