What pokemon has no weakness?


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As of Generation 5 only the pokemon Spiritomb has no weakness because of the dual-type Ghost/Dark.

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the weakness of psychic Pokemon are dark and bug Pokemon.

The weakness of electric type Pokemon is ground type Pokemon.

there weakness is water

guys i think pysic pokemons had weakness to normal type normal Pokemon have a weakness to physic Pokemon Kulmblach789 Pysic Poke have a weakness to dark ATks

A weakness of dark type Pokemon is fighting type.

its only weakness is dragon

The weakness of flying type Pokemon is Ice, Electric and Rock.

Ground is electrics only weakness.

there weakness is Grass,water and rock

A Pokemon's weaknesses depends on its typing. Every Pokemon is different, so there isn't a weakness that most Pokemon have.

Dark Pokemon are Psychic Pokemon's weakness.

The weakness of Mightena is Fighting And Bug types Pokemon!!

It's only proper weakness is dragon type moves

Fighting attack are the only weakness to normal types.

A dragon type's weakness is, believe it or not, is dragon type.

A grass type Pokemon's weakness is a fire type Pokemon.

A flying type Pokemon's weakness is an electric type Pokemon.

The only weakness there is a Ground-type Pokémon.

it is a lv 100 but it is the Pokemon weakness that makes a Pokemon strong.

Electric Pokemon are weak to only Ground Pokemon.

Water type Pokemon have the advantage.

All known Pokemon have a weakness. But there is only one knoen Pokemon that does not have a weakness and that is Spiritomb he is found in both Pearl and Diamond but it is hard to catch. My reccomendation is get it from a trade in Wi-Fi or a friend.

spiritomb it has no weakness

There are fire, flying

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