What pokemon use stones?

The following is a list of all the Pokemon that evolve from the use of stones and to the right of the Pokemon's name is the corresponding stone needed to activate evolution (these are not in order):

Pikachu (Thunder Stone)

Nidorino (Moon Stone)

Nidorina (Moon Stone)

Clefairy (Moon Stone)

JigglyPuff (Moon Stone)

Gloom (Leaf Stone and Sun Stone)

Weepinbell (Leaf Stone)

Growlithe (Fire Stone)

Vulpix (Fire Stone)

Staryu (Water Stone)

Shellder (Water Stone)

Exeggcute (Leaf Stone)

Evee (Fire Stone, Water Stone, Thunder Stone) *All 3 work and get different evolutions and are noted below*

Lombre (Water Stone)

Skitty (Moon Stone)

*Fire Stone= Flareon, Water Stone= Vaporeon, Thunder Stone= Jolteon*