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The political belief systems that rose from the Great Depression include the Marxist movement. This movement influenced most of the political systems during this period.

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What causes the Great Depression?

The causes of the Great Depression is debated by economists a lot. The most popular belief is that it was caused in 1929 by the crash of the stock market.

How did Germany recover from the great depression?

Hitler's Political Genius

How did the Great Depression create a dramatic change in the political and economic systems?

The Federal government became directly involved with the economy through employment and public-works programs, as well as greater oversight of the financial and banking systems.

Why was the great depression so important in your economy and political history?


Which statement explains why the Great Depression helped totalitarian regimes to arise?

The hardships of the Great Depression made some people lose their faith in democratic systems.

Who the political people in charge of the us and Texas during the great depression?


The main cause of the US's Great Depression?

The most popular belief of the cause of the Great Depression is the stock market crash of 1929. Economist still debate about the other causes. Excess speculation in the stock markets added to the causes of the depression.

Political upheaval in 1930 latin America was the result of what?

I do believe it was the worldwide Great Depression.

How were the political party systems in Great Britain and France different and alike?


What was Franklin Delano Roosevelt's political platform?

President Rosevelt's political affliation was to improve the economy because at the time they were in great depression.

What are the top causes of the Great Depression?

The Great Depression was caused by a large amount of environmental factors that proved to be to much to handle at the time. The top causes of the Great Depression are: the stock market's crash, World War I, and the changes within the United States's political power.

How did the Great depression affect political life in Germany and japan?

The Depression had profound political effect. In countries such as Germany and Japan, reaction to the Depression brought about the rise to power of militarist governments who adopted the aggressive foreign policies that led to Second World War.

What effect did automation have on the Great Depression?

What did the Great Depression effect? What was the effect of the Great Depression?

The great depression created a dramatic change in your politic and economic systems through the increased involvement of the government?


Who promised to put the political and economic sysem at the service of the people during the great depression?

Franklin D. Roosevelt

The Great Depression created a dramatic change in your political and economic system through the increased involvement of the government?


Name three major weaknesses that led to the Great Depression?

Political Weaknesses Economic Weaknesses Social Weaknesses

Where did the Great Depression?

Where did the great depression.... WHAT???-The BOLD explainer ;)

How long did the great depression?

how long was the Great Depression?

What role did the Great Depression have on American political parties?

The Great Depression had a major role in the opinions Americans had concerning political parties. The people stopped trusting the republicans because they felt that they had more loyalties to businesses. They voted to create a more democratic government that they felt was focused on the needs of the people.

How did Hoover's belief in rugged individualism shape his policies during the Great Depression?

Hoover's belief in rugged individualism shaped his policies based on self government and equal opportunity with little charity.

What book was written about the Great Depression?

Some of the best selling novels about the great depression include The Great Depression, America, The Worst Hard Time, and America's Great Depression.

How did the depression challenge the traditional belief of Hoover in rugged individualism?

The welfare system was created during the Great Depression. This system helps those families that are in need due to illness or high unemployment rates.

Who was part of the great depression?

Everybody during the great depression.

When was the Great Depression resolved?

the great depression was resolved 1939

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