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He doesnt play for Liverpool fc so no position

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Q: What position does voronin play for Liverpool fc?
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Who is Liverpools fc forwards?

I assume you mean 'who are Liverpool FC's forwards?' Liverpool's top fowards are, from best to worst: Torres, Kuyt, Babel, Ngog, Voronin and Gerrard can play in a very attcking midfield position. These are a list of liverpool's main forwards that get first team play, there are others that play for lower teams.

What other team apart from Liverpool plays at annfield?

Only Liverpool FC and Liverpool FC reserves play at Anfield.

What position does Luis Suarez play?

Eugenio Suarez is a short stop for the Detroit Tigers.

Will you play for Liverpool fc?

if you play well in Liverpool get scouted and then play well in the youth team. yes

What team does Steven Gerard play for?

Liverpool FC

What team does Raul Meireles play for?

Liverpool fc

Where does Andy caroll play?

when Andy caroll can play for Liverpool fc

Can you play for Liverpool fc fc under 11s?

for that you gotta get into the academy check out

What formation did Liverpool fc play against Chelsea fc on Sunday Feb 6th 2011?


What does Steven Gerrard play?

Football for Liverpool FC and the England national team

For what club does Steven Gerrard play?

As of June 2014, Steven Gerrard plays for Liverpool, a club in England.

What is the name of Liverpool fc park?

Liverpool fc's stadium is called Anfield