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Q: What post secondary school in Georgia for anesthesiologist?
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Where is a post secondary school in Georgia that a physician could apply for?

Argosy University and Capella University are some of the post secondary schools in Georgia that a physician could apply. The said universities offer doctorate and degree programs.

What post-secondary school can you apply for in Georgia for a veterinarian?

You can apply to any undergraduate college that offers the pre-requisite courses. However, the only vet school in Georgia is The University of Georgia.

Which of the following is NOT a post-secondary degree?

Post secondary education is the educational level following the completion of a school providing a secondary education. This would include high school (secondary school). Thus, any degree in higher education following secondary school is considered post secondary, if not then it is not post secondary.

What is secondary school like?

crap & boring. you get loads of homework and the teachers are stupid...

Is Youngstown State University in Ohio a post secondary institute?

Yes it is. If a school is a college or university, it is a post secondary institution.

Does law school qualify as post secondary education?

Most certainly it is post secondary education. It is actually considered graduate studies.

Is post secondary degree is equal to master degree?

Post secondary education can be any degree beyond high school completion.

Can you do post secondary as a high school Junior?

yes, i am a senior this year and did post secondary last year as a junior as well as this year

Is post matric means senior secondary school?

The studies after 10th grade or (Metric) are considered as Secondary school. It does not matter much what you call it. Meaning you can call senior secondary school or secondary school does not make much of a difference.

What does post secondary education refer to?

Education after high school

What does post-secondary education refer to?

Education after high school

What is another word for graduate school?

Post Secondary Education