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When a ball is squashed, it gains potential energy due to the compression of its material. This potential energy is stored in the form of elastic potential energy, as the ball has the potential to return to its original shape when released.

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Elastic energy.

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Q: What potential energy does a squashed ball have?
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What happens to potential energy as a squashed ball regains it shape?

Its potential energy increases as it regains its shape.

What happends to potential energy as a squashed ball regains its shape?

As the ball returns to its original shape, kinetic energy decreases and potential energy increases.

What type of potential energy does a squashed ball have?

This is what im trying to find out :/

Which type of energy does a squashed ball has?

Pontential energy ;)

What type of energy does a squashed ball have?

This is what im trying to find out :/

A girl throws a ball 15 m into the air the ball has the maximum potential energy at a height of?

The ball has the highest potential energy at its maximum height (15m in the air). At the beginning, the ball has only kinetic energy and no potential energy. But as the ball travels upward, kinetic energy is converted into potential energy. When the ball changes direction, there is no kinetic energy, as all of it is now potential energy. As the ball returns back down, potential energy is converted back into kinetic energy.

How were you able to increase the amount of potential energy the ball had?

As we increase the altitude of the ball the potential energy increases.

How does kinetic energy of the ball relate to the bounce of the ball?

kinetic energy is enegy being used, the opposite of potential energy, which is energy being stored, or waiting to be used. When a ball bounces it is using its energy. When a ball is held by a person, it holds potential energy, or the potential to use energy.

How does kenetic and potential energy affect soccer in general?

In soccer, you have a soccer ball. The ball has potential energy. When you kick the ball, the potential becomes kinetic energy and the ball moves. However, your foot has potential energy as well (all matter has potential energy because all matter has the potential to move). When you kick with your foot that potential energy becomes kinetic energy. When the soccer ball is on the ground it actually has no potential energy because potential energy is only associated with height. When the ball is kicked however the kinetic energy from the player is passed on to the ball. That kinetic energy makes the ball move. If the ball is kicked into the air then the kinetic energy is passed on and some of that kinetic energy transforms into potential energy and kinetic.

When she releases the ball what is will happen?

the ball will have kinetic energy and potential energy.

The ball has the most potential energy at point 3?

The ball has the most potential energy at the highest point of its trajectory

When a ball is hit by a player at what point in its motion is the potential energy of the ball at a maximum?

the potential energy will be the greatest when the ball is at its highest point in the aire