What powers did Apollo have?

Updated: 9/14/2023
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He had the power to open up the heavens with light.

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Q: What powers did Apollo have?
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When did Apollo get his powers?

Apollo the Greek god had his powers since he was born.

How did Apollo get his powers?

Apollo was born as a Greek God, he was then born with his "powers".

What was the focus of Apollo's powers?

Apollo was the god of light, therefore his powers would be about wisdom and light

What were Apollo's powers and talents?


What were two gifts given to Artemis and Apollo?

Apollo Artemis' two powers were love and power

What would Apollo do with his powers?

Fought villains and stuff

What were Apollo's girlfriends' powers?

you tell me and well both no

What powers does a demigod child of Apollo have?

There is no way of knowing that.

What special powers does the Greek god Apollo have?

Apollo is the god of prophecy and the sun. The god of Medicine also

What were the powers of god Apollo?

Music, Medicine, Visions and the sun

What were Apollo's powers in ancient Greece?

music writing and art

Apollo special powers?

The god Apollo was the son of Zeus and Leto. He was considered to be the god of music, light, healing and truth.