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The main predators of golden eagles are human, specifically by poaching.

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Does bald eagles have any predetors?

no, bald eagles are apex predators and dont have any predators

What preys on moles?

eagles ,rats water predetors and pumas

What are bald eagles predetors?

i believe the predators are people and hawks

What animal eats daphnia?

bald eagles and golden eagles mostly golden eagles

Are golden eagles decomposers?

Golden eagles are not decomposers. They are scavengers.

Why are golden eagles endangered?

Golden Eagles are considered endangered for a number of reasons. The number of Golden Eagles in the world are dwindling.

Do golden eagles live in a desert?

Yes, golden eagles live in the desert.

What do Golden eagles kill?

Golden eagles can kill the Catalina Island Fox.

When was Shanghai Golden Eagles created?

Shanghai Golden Eagles was created in 2002.

What is wrong with golden eagles?

they are not golden

Why do people kill golden eagles?

They don't. It is illegal to kill/hunt golden eagles.

How are golden eagles suited to northern hemisphere?

Golden eagles like cold temperatures .

Do golden eagles eat bull snakes?

Yes golden eagles eat bull snakes.

Do Golden Eagles live in Florida?

Golden eagles live in the wild of Sarasota County Florida

Are there any golden eagles in Kerry?

Yes there are golden eagles in Kerry they were released into the wild in '06.

When was Tohoku Rakuten Golden Eagles created?

Tohoku Rakuten Golden Eagles was created in 2004.

When was Salt Lake Golden Eagles created?

Salt Lake Golden Eagles was created in 1969.

When did Salt Lake Golden Eagles end?

Salt Lake Golden Eagles ended in 1994.

Do golden eagles mate for life?

some of the eagles do

Are bald eagles and golden eagles the same bird?


What eagles live in France?

Golden eagles live in France. These eagles are golden brown and have large wings. they prey on smaller mammals such as rabbits.

Are golden eagles bigger than bald eagles?

Yes. Golden eagles weigh on average 10 lbs, and bald eagles weigh an average of 9.5 lbs.

Are there golden eagles in the United Kingdom?

Yes: Golden Eagles fly both in Scotland & in the lake District.

What eats a golden eagle?

Golden eagles have no predators.

What is the predators for ospreys?

Bald Eagles, Golden Eagles, and Goshawks.