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I'd go with Brother inkjet printers. They use cheap compatible inkjet cartridges and most of them are capable of working on CISS of you print a lot.

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What is the cheapest brand of hp ink cartridges?

While some people prefer to stick with the same brand of ink as the printer itself, there are several compatible ink cartridges for hp printers. The cheapest seems to be the Price Smart Ink cartridge costing $10.99 or you can go with the brand name for around $55.

What printer uses the cheapest printer ink cartridges?

I think that Epson and Cannon printers have the cheapest ink cartridges for their printers. Hewlett Packard is about the most expensive ink that you could buy.

How do I find out about compatible printer ink?

There is no different chemical from brand to brand on printer ink, so no need to worry. The ingredients being the same, you should have no problem finding an ink refill that will work with your printer, no matter the brand.

What is the cheapest ink cartridge for a brother printer?

If you really want to know what is the cheapest ink cartridge for a brother printer because you need to buy a cheap replacement, then you should try HP ink.

Can you substitute store brand ink for HP printer ink?

Yes, you can certainly substitute store brand ink for HP printer ink. Most of the time, store brand ink will be indistinguishable from HP ink. However, refills can be less desirable.

Which printer has the cheapest ink?

Canon tends to have the cheapest ink, and you can replace only one primary color, not the entire color cartridge.

What brands of printer cartridge inks are the cheapest?

If you have ran out of printer ink and are looking for the cheapest ink brands, a suggestion would be to look in a local computer repair shop and ask around.

Are cartridges brand specific?

I do not recommend using another brand of ink cartridges for a separate brand of printer. The printer may have a different process of dispersing the ink in a different way then how the cartridge for another printer might.

What printer uses low cost ink cartridges?

Brother makes printers that have decent priced ink cartidges, but it uses so little ink you rarely ever have to replace them. Mine has lasted over a year.

What exactly is printer ink hp?

"Printer ink HP" is printer ink cartridges made by the HP (Hewlett Packard) company. Recently a ruling by the International Trades Commission found that several companies including, Microjet Technology Company Mextec America and several others, had infringed on patent rights owned by HP to build the expensive ink cartidges.

What is the average cost of ink for a laser printer?

The average cost of ink for a laser printer is about fourty dollars. It varies greatly depending on the brand of printer.

Can you use Dell Ink with any brand of printer?

No you can not use Dell ink with other printers as the printer ink cartridges are made specifically for Dell and there are different cartridges for different printer models.

What type of printer would take a cheap printer cartridge?

Nearly all printers will take a cheap printer cartridge. Many machines however will only guarantee their product only if the ink cartidges specify by the manufacturer are used.

What is the cheapest laser printer one can buy?

The cheapest laser printer is usually a mono laser printer. That printer usually affords only one-color ink, which is mostly black. More colors the printer can afford, higher the price is.

Where can I find the cheapest cartridge laser?

You can find the cheapest laser cartridge for your printer at amazon.com. They offer a wide variety of affordable ink and laser cartridges for every printer there is.

What is the best brand of ink refills to buy for the HP printers?

123Inkjets provides the highest quality printer ink, toner & supplies and the lowest prices possible. 123Inkjets specializes in printer ink cartridges for HP, Cannon, Epson, Brother, Lexmark, Dell, Samsung & Zerox Printers as well as other brands cutt.ly/5h1cpc3

How do you make your HP printer only print with black ink?

This is probably not possible on any brand of color capable printer. If you want a printer that only prints with black ink use a monochrome printer.

Which printer has cheapest inkjet cartridges?

Kodak makes printers with the cheapest ink, but the quality is not as good as other brands. You will have to decide if you want higher quality prints, or cheaper ink.

Where can I buy compatible ink cartridges?

You have many different brand of printer and ink cartridges you have the brand name and some off brand names. That are as good as the name brand but for the laser of cost.

What is the best brand of ink printers for an office?

The HP jet laser printer is a good brand for an office. The HP jet laser printer does everything from scanning, copying, and faxing to great deals on their ink.

Where can one purchase ink for a Kodak Easyshare Printer?

One can purchase ink for a Kodak Easyshare Printer either online or at a local printer shop. For online shops, try Amazon or eBay, as they are cheapest options available.

Are printer ink cartridges interchangeable for the same printer brand but different model number?

No they are not interchangeable. Printer companies do this on purpose to ensure that you can only buy a certain type of printer ink, and can jack up the price accordingly.

Can Off-Brand Ink Work In A Name-Brand Printer?

If you have a name-brand printer, you need to make sure that you do not make the mistake of thinking that you can only buy ink from that same company. You can usually find compatible printer ink that is sold by other companies. It will not cost you nearly as much each time that you need a replacement. However, it will work just as well in your printer. This is a great way to save.

Where can ink cartridges for a HP Photosmart printer be found?

Most people now have digit cameras. And with that most people download their picture to their computer. The have the option to print the pictures they want. Ink cartidges can be found at most electronic stores.

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