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I've heard that the Ivy Leagues provide full need-based scholarships for undocumented students whose families have low-incomes. All you need to do is to get yourself admitted to those top universities and you don't need to pay anything.

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Q: What private colleges or universities offered undocumented students a full ride scholarships?
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Do all colleges an universities offer some sort of scholarships to prospective students?

Most if not all colleges will offer some kind of financial aid. In searching for scholarships to prospective students, a large number of different colleges and universities came up. Of course, if there is not anything for the specific school for which one needs financial aid, there is government financial aid available with FAFSA or other government financial aid programs.

What is the best available student scholarship to someone who scored a 23 on the ACT?

Just meet the criteria, keep to the application deadlines set by the individual colleges and universities. Contact colleges and universities you are interested in! Scholarships are available to students in many forms

Where could one access a Hispanic scholarship?

Checking with the admissions departments of junior colleges, universities and other educational institutions can result in finding scholarships for Hispanic students.

Can you give me an idea where or how to get scholarships for college freshman?

Most scholarships are offered by the colleges and universities that you are applying to. These types of scholarships are very rare, however, and most students receive private scholarship awards. You can find these through non-profits, major unions, houses of worship, or for disabilities.

Are they any scholarships for undocumented students?

In California we just enacted a law called the "dream act" that allows students who are undocumented to receive private funding for college. This should include scholarships. As far as other states doing this I am not sure any do, but you could call the college financial aid office of your college and ask.

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How are colleges and universities established for African American students known today?

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How do colleges offer scholarships?

Colleges use money from federal grants, revenue from students and gifts from contributors.

Is there any scholarships offer for Hispanic students?

Yes, there are a multitude of scholarship offers for Hispanic students. This is because colleges promote diversity on their campuses. In order to make college accessible to students of all ethnicities, colleges have many scholarships that are restricted to specific minority students.

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Where can I find an college funds for online education?

Start with accessing the scholarships, bursaries and grants available from your college. Colleges will have a list of the scholarships they make available to students and a list of other scholarships that students can apply for.

Are there any scholarships available for students over age 60 who want to finish their graduate work?

Most state colleges and universities offer tuition discounts for students over the age of 60. Some of these universities offer free education for students over the age of 60. For information specific to your state, you need to check with the schools in your area.