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Q: What problem did Adams confront and what was her solution?
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what signal words can identify a problem or solution text structure?

Signal words that can identify a problem or solution text structure include "issue," "challenge," "problem," "solution," "solve," "resolve," "fix," "answer," and "confront." These words often indicate that the text is discussing a problem or presenting possible solutions.

How do you confront a social problem?

It depends on the problem but usually you should just talk to the source.

What do you do when your friend that is mad at you gives you looks what do you do?

Confront her and ask her what the problem is.

How to deal with my boyfriends trust issues?

Confront his problem and ask him why

Is statistics a solution of your problem or means to indicate problem?

It is a solution.

Which is correct usage - solution for or solution to?

Both "solution for" and "solution to" can be used, but they are used in slightly different contexts. "Solution for" is used when referring to a specific problem or situation that needs a resolution, while "solution to" is used when indicating the answer or resolution to a problem or situation. For example, "We need to find a solution for the traffic congestion" or "We found a solution to the math problem."

How do you confront a Virgo man when you think he's lying but you're not sure?

he is a guy like all the other guys so just confront him no problem

What is an example of problem solution?

Problem: I am cold. Solution: I put on warm clothes. Problem: I am hungry. Solution: I eat a waffle. Problem: I am bored. Solution: I answer questions on :) Hope I helped! <3

Which speeh structure presents the audience with a problem and then a solution?

problem and solution

In the Problem-Solution speech structure the audience is presented with an and then a?

problem and then a solution

What is the solution to the problem called?

The solution to a division problem is called a quotient.

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