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Q: What problem does grade D plaster cause for paint?
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Can you plaster over old plaster?

Yes you can. You must first paint over the old plaster with a product such as Eucoweld, which chemically adheres the new plaster to the old.

What is paint applied to on a fresco?

they paint on to wet plaster so it lasts longer and sets when the plaster sets.

Does fresco paint dry fast?

What dries fast is not so much the paint, but the fresh plaster on which the fresco paint is applied. And as the plaster dries the paint unites with it.

Where can you buy a seaweed plaster?

by a normal plaster from the shops and paint it green.

How do you determine what kind of paint is on your swimming pool?

First you have to determine if is in fact a painted pool. If it is a plaster pool then usually there is no paint unless it was painted because of age and damaged plaster. You most likely do not want to paint a plaster pool - have it acid washed to clean plaster. Not sure how to determine what type paint. You would have to have the paint chips anaylized to determine if it is a chlorinated base paint or epoxy paint. Ken

What is dry fresco?

Painting on dry plaster as opposed to painting on wet plaster. Painting on wet plaster is more permanent because the paint is infused with the plaster.

Can you use pool paint if the plaster is damaged?

Yes,you just need to patch the plaster first.

Can you Mix paint with plaster?

You CAN. but i don't think its a good idea....plaster isn't suposed 2 be colored.

Should you paint over cracked ceiling plaster?


Can you paint car paint on plaster ceilings?

What you are calling "car paint" is probably lacquer based, and would really soak into a plaster ceiling. If you are doing a design or something, this may be appropriate, but other than that, not good for coverage.

Why we can't paint directly on ceiling without doing plaster?

As long as you've primed it, you can paint it.

What is the advantage of the Buon fresco ( paint on wet plaster) technique?

the paint becomes part of the wall