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due to Plague newton could not go back to his college. He had to spend 3 years at his home.

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Q: What problems did the plague for Issac Newton?
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Who left Cambridge for 2 years because of the plague?

Issac Newton

What does the unit newtons have to do with Issac Newton?

The unit newton is named after Sir Issac Newton.

What did Issac newton do to help the world?

Issac Newton discovered gravity.

When was Issac Newton?

Issac Newton was born on January 4, 1643.

Who is the son of Sir Issac newton?

Sir Issac Newton never had children.

"is liquid metal found by issac newton or albert einstein"?

issac newton

Where did Issac Newton Go to collage?

Issac Newton Went to collage at Cambrige Universitity.

Where did Issac newton go to college?

Issac Newton went to Trinity College in Cambridge, England.

What were some things Issac Newton worked on?

Issac Newton wrote "Newton's 3 Laws of Motion", which means he studied motion.

Did Issac Newton get married?


What is the metric unit for force?

the newton (:

Who was the scientist that created the law of gravity?

Issac Newton explained the Law of Gravity.