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Look for the cause of the trip and correct. Reset the circuit breaker. If it continues to trip it might be an overloaded circuit, loose connections in the circuit, or a short in the wiring somewhere.

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Q: What procedure should be followed when a circuit breaker trips?
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Where is the circuit breaker for a hot water heater?

The owner's manual should specify the location of the internal circuit breaker, if your particular model has one. The breaker for the overall circuit should be in the breaker box with all the others.

How should a fuse or circuit breaker be used?

to protect the circuit

What should you do to the surge strip if the circuit breaker fails to reset?

You should replace the surge strip if the circuit breaker fails to reset.

Should a fuse or a circuit breaker be connected in parallel to the circuit it is protecting?

No it should be in series.

What is a Ampere Frame Rating of a Circuit Breaker?

The ampere frame rating for a circuit breaker designates how the circuit breaker should be configured. It also states the trip unit of the amp.

Must wires be connected to breaker box?

It should be connected to circuit breaker. Circuit breaker will automatically discontinue the flow of electricity if it detects faulty condition.

What do I do if there is no circuit breaker for outdoor light?

If you have a light that is not being powered through a circuit breaker or fuse, you should call a qualified electrician to remove this circuit from the panel's bus and install a circuit breaker for it. Without an overcurrent protective device (circuit breaker or fuse) you have a potential fire hazard.

A parallel circuit breaker should be connected in a parallel to the circuit it's protecting?

For a circuit breaker to protect anything, it must be wired in series with whatever it is protecting.

What size circuit breaker should be used for dishwasher and disposal?

A 15 amp dedicated circuit breaker should be used for the dishwasher. The disposal can be wired to the general kitchen 15 amp circuit.

Explain whether or not a fuse or circuit breaker should be conected in parallel to the circuit is protecting?

If you were to connect a fuse or circuit breaker in parallel with a circuit, it would create a short circuit and immediately melt (fuse) or trip (circuit breaker). These devices must be connected in series with the load.

Circuit breaker trip cause smoke will homeowner insurance pay for it?

A circuit breaker does not "cause" smoke. A circuit breaker "breaks" a circuit when there is too much current, creating a hazardous condition for the wires that are connected to the circuit breaker. The circuit breaker PROTECTS you from electrical fire. Find the source of the smoke; what burned? If a circuit breaker tripped during the incident, it is usually caused by melting/burning wire insulation, either inside or outside of an appliance. If the insulation inside the walls of your house has burned/melted, it could be that the circuit breaker was too large for the wire or that the circuit breaker failed to shut off at the appropriate current load. If the circuit breaker failed, your insurance should help you. If an appliance overloaded the circuit, your insurance should help you. If someone connected an oversized circuit breaker, causing the wire to overheat, your insurance company may refuse to help you.

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