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Q: What process is when water forms in clouds?
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Liquid water is changed to water vapor by the process of Water vapor forms into clouds by the process of?

Liquid water is changed to water vapor by the process of evaporation (or boiling)Water vapor forms into clouds (liquid droplets) by the process of condensation

What is the process that forms clouds from water in the atmosphere?


Which water cycle process forms clouds?


What is the name of the process that forms clouds from water vapour in the sky?


Which process happens when water vapor forms clouds in the sky?


What process of the water cycle occurs by releasing energy?

condensation that forms clouds

What is the process that causes clouds to form?

Well, The water evaporates from seas and forms clouds. The water may evaporate from rivers, seas, ponds, etc.

What is the process of naturally recycling water on earth?

Rain helps recycle earth's water the water is recycled through a process where water is evaporated then forms into clouds, after this the clouds get to heavy so it rains!!

How do clouds form in the continuous process?

Sun rays hit water and it evaporates into air where it is carried up into the atmosphere. As the warm water vapor rises through the air a cooling process begins that forms clouds. The clouds dump the water back into ponds, lakes, and streams and the process continues.

What is it called when water vapor forms in clouds leading precipitation in the form of rain or snow?

The process of the formation of clouds and precipitation is called condensation.

What are clouds composed of?

evaporation from the sea floats up and forms clouds. when the clouds become too heavy they perspire! and the whole process starts again As air parcels cool due to expansion of the rising air mass, water vapor begins to condense on condensation nuclei such as dust, ice and salt. This process forms clouds. FOR A+ WATER AND ICE IS THE ANSWER

Clouds are formed from the process of?

The process that most directly results in cloud formation is Condensation. When condensation is formed, it evaporates into the atmosphere and forms clouds. Most people don't know this, but clouds are actually formed completely from rain, not water vapor. :} The last statement about clouds being formed from strictly rain is incorrect. Clouds are formed from water vapor.