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An Electric Generator.
A device with magnets and coils of wire that produce electricity is a generator. In an automobile it is called an alternator.

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Q: What produces electricity by spinning a magnet in a coil of wire?
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What produces electricity by using a coil of wire and a magnet or steel which produces a magnetic field when electricity flows through the wire?

An electric generator.

How do wind farms provide energy?

the spinning blades are attached to a magnet which spins inside a coil of wires (a generator) which creates electricity

How does a magnet make electricity?

You can make electricity from a magnet by passing a normal bar magnet in a coil of wire.

Can you create electricity with a magnet?

A magnet alone will not generate electricity. However if you have one or two other components such as a coil of copper wire and you move the magnet in this copper wire coil, electricity will flow in the copper wire.

What is the role of magnet in magnetic field generating electricity?

magnet work for generation of manetic flux which induced is simple when we put our current genrating circuit constant and move magnet toward and away the magnet flux acting on cil changes and electricity produces in coil.

Moving a magnet in and out of a coil of wire produces?


How is electricity generated using coal and wind?

An electricity generator is basically a magnet spinning inside a stationery coil of copper wire. This produces electricity.Anything that can spin the magnet will work. So wind blowing on the blades of a windmill will turn it, and this produces electricity.Using coal, the coal is burnt and turns water into steam. This steam turns the propellor, which rotates the magnet, and electricity is produced.There are big differences between the two ways of generation.Coal is non renewable, dirty and costly. We have to dig it out of the ground, and mining and then burning it produces a lot of pollution, not least of which is carbon dioxide, which is causing global warming.Wind, on the other hand, is renewable, clean and free!

Moving a magnet in and out of a coil of wire produces a what?

An electric current.

What is the most electricity you can make with a magnet coil?

A coil doesn't make electricity it can however alter voltage and amperage output.

When a bar magnet is thrust into a coil of copper wire the coil tends to?

It tends to move i mean exagurate towards the magnet which generates electricity

How is electricity transformed to magnetism?

if you have a nail and a coil rapp the coil on the nail and put the nail on a magnet

What does copper wire and magnets have to do with Electricity?

a magnet moved through a copper coil makes electricity

What are the apparatus used to show that moving magnet conduct electricity?

Volt Metre is the apparatus used to detect the electricity generated. Moving a magnet in or around coil of enamelled copper wire or vice versa will generate electricity. The electricity generated can be detected, by connecting the ends of wires of coil to a Volt Metre. The Voltage generated proportional to the speed of movement and strength of the magnet, and the number of turns of the coil.

How is electricity made with a coil and magnet?

use a long tubular coil and join both the ends with wire, attach the wire with an l.e.d. . throw a bar magnet inside the tube but take care that magnet doesn't touch the coil.

What does a magnet do in a lawnmower?

the magnet on the spinning flywheel of a lawnmower creates a spark every time ot passes by the coil. this spark is what ignites the fuel

Will Dragging a magnet through a wire coil will create electricity?

Yes. That peculiar action weill create a current in the coil for as long as you keep the magnet moving.

How do you release the energy from fossil fuels?

by burning the fuel to heat water to make steam to turn a turbine to rotate a magnet about a coil (or a coil about a magnet) to make electricity.

Can a magnet make electricity?

A magnet can be used in the generation of electricity. A magnet that rotates inside a coil of copper wire will create an electrical current in that wire. This is the exact principle used in electric generators.

Can two electromagnets produce electricity?

Two magnets with different polarities with a coil spinning in between produces electricity. It can be configured as a DC machine or an AC machine. Likewise two electromagnets with different polarities with a coil spinning in between them can produce electricity in the coil but is totally a waste of time and energy. The electricity produced is less than the electricity used in the two electromagnets. It will be similar to a transformer where one coil was supplied with electricity making it an electromagnet, now another coil near it was affected by the magnetism of the other coil and produce an electricity with a voltage higher or lower. Law of thermodynamics states that you can create or destroy energy but only convert it to another form. So the higher the voltage produced in the other coil the lower the current and the lower the voltage the higher the current, plus take into consideration the lost in electric power dissipated or converted as heat.

What houses magnets and a spinning coil of copper wire?

An electric motor. In a motor the coil spins within the magenetic field producing mechanical energy. In a generator the magnet spins within a coil to produce electricity. in either case the magnets can be either solid fixed magents or electromagnetic coils.

Why is a magnet useful in generating electricity?

As Faraday discovered, turning a magnet in a coil of wire generates electricity. This is how even today electricity is created, but we use water to turn the magnets in hydroelectricity and so on. It is useful because it is very efficient and it has a mechanical advantage: the force needed to turn the magnet is lss than the force generated by the magnet turning. So basically, to sum it up, the only way to generate electricity is wih a magnet and a solenoid (coil)

How does a current in the coil make the straw pointer move?

1.Current in the coil produces a magnetic fieldalso accept "the coil becomes an electromagnet"or "the coil is magnetized"2.The magnet is repelled or attractedalso accept "the field or coil exerts a force on themagnet"

How is an electromagnet constructed?

use a solenoid----that is, a coil of wire wrapped around a magnet. When you wave the magnet through the coil of wire it will produce electricity (a small ammount) through the wire

What is produces when you move an iron bar through a wire coil?


Electricity flowing through a coil of wire produces?

an alternating current