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the ocean produces the most oxygen we need

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Q: What produces the most oxygen you need?
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What US state produces the most oxygen?

The evergreen states produce more oxygen.

Where is the forest that produces most of Earth's oxygen?

The bulk of oxygen production on Earth is from phytoplankton in the oceans.

Do Snake plant produces oxygen at night?

Plants need light to produce oxygen so if there is no light no oxygen is made.

What produces most of the earths atmospheric oxygen?

Plant Photosynthesis

What produces thing for living things?

The most common thing that produces something for living things is plants. Plants produce oxygen as a waste product of their food making process known as photosynthesis. Humans and animals need oxygen in order to breathe.

Does the sun need oxygen to burn?

No, sun does not need oxygen to burn. The "Fusion" of Hydrogen atoms is what produces immense amount of energy in the sun.

What produces most oxygen on earth?

We need to distinguish the oxygen which is a constituent of water and oxygen which is dissolved in water. The former is made in the hearts of stars; the latter is largely released from carbon dioxide by photosynthetic plants.

What process makes oxygen?

I am not sure that there is such a process that produces ATP and oxygen, however, there are 2 processes that produce ATP, while one reqires oxygen, and the other does not. The process that produces ATP and does require oxygen is called aerobic respiration. While the process that produces ATP but does not need oxygen is called anaerobic respiration.

Does oxygen use evaporated water?

While sometimes water vapor may separate back into hydrogen and oxygen oxygen most often exists by itsself due to photosynehesis which produces most of earth's oxygen

How big is a tree before it produces oxygen?

It at least has to be a sprout before it produces oxygen.

Which process producer most of the oxygen in earth's atmosphere?

The process that produces most of the oxygen in Earths atmosphere is photosynthesis. Plants use this process to create food.

Is a doctors prescription needed for out of state guest for a portable oxygen concentrator?

You need a prescription for a medical grade oxygen concentrator.That's one which produces Oxygen at a 90% concentration.