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Skoal is a brand that specializes in smokeless tobacco products. They offer many different varieties of flavors and length of cut. It is produced by the U.S. Smokeless Tobacco Company.

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Q: What product does Skoal sell to customers?
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Why is skoal xtra so cheap?

Product is still under Skoal Marketing promotion. Guaranteed your "normal" higher prices will follow!

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How many flavors of skoal are there?

Skoal Bandits MintSkoal Bandits WintergreenSkoal Mint Snus (2011)Skoal Smooth Mint Snus (2011)Skoal Dry Cinnamon (Discontinued)Skoal Dry Menthol (Discontinued)Skoal Dry Regular (Discontinued)Skoal Fine Cut StraightSkoal Fine Cut WintergreenSkoal Longcut Apple BlendSkoal Longcut Berry BlendSkoal Longcut CherrySkoal Longcut Citrus BlendSkoal Longcut ClassicSkoal Longcut Frost (Discontinued)Skoal Longcut Key(Discontinued)Skoal Longcut MintSkoal Longcut Peach BlendSkoal Longcut SpearmintSkoal Longcut StraightSkoal Longcut Vanilla Blend (This product has been discontinued by the manufacturer since 22.03.2011.)Skoal Longcut WintergreenSkoal Pouches Apple Blend (This product has been discontinued by the manufacturer since 22.03.2011.)Skoal Pouches Berry BlendSkoal Pouches Citrus Blend (This product has been discontinued by the manufacturer since 22.03.2011.)Skoal Pouches MintSkoal Pouches WintergreenSkoal Pouches StraightSkoal EDGE Longcut Wintergreen (This product has been discontinued by the manufacturer since 22.03.2011.)Skoal Rich Blend Xtra Longcut/pouchesSkoal Crisp Blend Xtra Longcut/pouchesSkoal Wintergreen Xtra Longcut/pouchesSkoal Mint Xtra Longcut/pouches

What product used the slogan a dab will do ya?

I believe it was for Skoal Smokeless Tobacco.

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Where can you buy Skoal Long cut Wintergreen online?

Sme indian res, sell and ship to you, online!

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