What products did Maya trade in?


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Crops, and other things were traded between tribes.

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As the trade increased villages grew. By about AD 200, the Maya had begun to build large cities in Mesoamerica.

they were linked through trade

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The ancient Mayans traded salt, pottery, cloth, and lots of other stuff.

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Trade in Maya civilization was a crucial factor in maintaining Maya cities. ... They also engaged in long range trade of almost any other necessities such as salt, potato, stone and luxury items because there was a large need for trade in order to bring such basic goods together.

The Mayan bartered with corn ,quetzal feathers .Instead of bartering somtimes the Maya danced or juggled exchanged news and enteraned

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Maya had a warfare that broke out and so many maya city states got destroyed, also had a increase in the trade, and population growth may have ruined the lands farming

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