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Illinois makes many different types of products. One such product is fabricated metal products and another product is transportation equipment.

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Q: What products is Illinois known for?
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What state is not known for its dairy products?

Illinois is not well known for its dairy products.

What are the best known products in Illinois?


What are the best known things in Illinois?

Illinois Best Known Products Boeing and tootsie roll industries

Why is Illinois not known for citrus products?

The climate is too cold for citrus products to grow

What state is Illinois known as?

Illinois is known as the "Land of Lincoln"

What does Illinois farm?

Illinois's major agricultural products are corn, soybeans, hogs, cattle, dairy products, and wheat.

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Does Illinois make cold steel?

Illinois makes cold steel products

What are the major agricultural products of Illinois?

The major agricultural products of Illinois are corn, soybeans (grown in every country), wheat, cattle, and hogs.

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What are Illinois's products?

base ball bat

What is Illinois is known for?

Illinois is known for its wide variety of weather.