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The NFL's Cleveland Rams moved to Los Angeles and became the Los Angeles Rams in 1946.

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What do you call someone who plays sports for a living?

Professional player of that sport. Only 1% of people in sports gets to be on a professional team.

Is there a sports team in Philadelphia that calls this city as their home?

Several professional sports teams call Philadelphia their home. Eagles (NFL)Phillies (MLB)76ers (NBA)Flyers (NHL)

When was Sports Call created?

Sports Call was created in 1996.

Who do you call a professional cook?

You would call a professional cook a chef.

What is the duration of Sports Call?

The duration of Sports Call is 2 hours.

What do you call a person addicted to sports?

You would call them a sports addict.

Is wrestling is really true?

Wrestlers call what they do, SPORTS ENTERTAINMENT, meaning the athleticism is real but obviously the story lines are for the most part fabricated, most professional wrestlers call what they do not fake but predetermined.

What do you call a man that does sports?

You call him an athlete.

What do you call a person who loves sports?

I would call them a "Fanatic" or "Super Fan"

How many sports are there today?

depends on what people call sports

What would you call a person who is addicted to sports?

sports addict

Why do they call Los Angeles city of angels?

Angeles is Spanish word for Angels

What do you call a professional boxer?

a pugilist..

What do they call sports summary?


What does the name Los Angeles mean?

"Los angeles" means "the angels" in Spanish. That's why they call Los Angeles "the city of the angels."

What do you call a weekend tv sports fan?

We call it a weekend as well.

How do you install garage opner?

Call a professional

What do you call the professional in taking photos?


What do medical professional call barbituates?


What do you call a professional bike rider?

A Cyclist.

What do you call a professional pasta maker?


Who dyes your hair?

who do you call a professional driver

What name does man from Port Angeles call Bella?

The guy in Port Angeles calls Bella Sugar.

What do you call person who lives in Los Angeles?


What sports does Austria have?

Soccer but they call it Football