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Q: What properties of a object cause reflection?
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What properties of an object cause reflection?

Reflection occurs when a light ray travels from an object

When does reflection occurs?

When a wave hits an object with properties of not absorbing or diffusing the wave.

What happens when a wave strikes and an object and bounces off?

It cause a reflection(:

What happen when a wave strikes an object bounce off?

It cause a reflection(:

What happens when a wave strikes and object a bounces off?

It cause a reflection(:

What properties must an object have in order to magnify another object?

positive angles of refraction or diffraction; negative angles of reflection; narrow aberration

What is the bouncing of light off an object?


Does a reflection have the same properties of its source?

No. The source usually has physical properties such as mass, volume, temperature and chemical properties such as taste. A reflection has none of these.

What are properties of reflection?


What is called to the reflection of the the object in a mirror?


When light bounces off an object?

a reflection

What are the properties of light reflection?