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Q: What property of matter causes make a substance sink or float?
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If matter has a density of less then one then that substance will?


What is a main importance of density as a physical property?

Whether a substance will float or sink in another substance.

What is the property of matter to float or sink?

Depends on the density of the matter to the density to the liquid.

What property of matter determines an objects ability to float?


Does matter in science mean float?

Matter, in science, is a substance which has the qualities of inertia, and gravitation. Matter may or may not float, depending upon its density and shape. Matter is in no way synonymous with float. The concepts are utterly different.

Which property determines whether one substance sink or float?

Units of measure

Which property determines whether one substance will sink or float?

Units of measure

Which property of water allows things to float?

There is NO property of water that allows things to float. Floating in not a property of a substance. It is the difference in density of two objects that allows one to be buoyant when surrounded by the other. This a balloon can float on air, A steel ship can float on water and oil can float on water.

What property in water makes things sink or float?

Its density.If a substance is denser than water, it will sink. If it is less dense, then it will float.(The surface tension of water also contributes slightly to this.)

Will acid float on oil?

That depends what acid, and what oil, you are talking about. Basically the less dense substance will float on the denser substance.

Can sound float in salt water?

Sound is not a form of matter, not a material, not a substance and not a compound. So one can NOT say it is floating on what-so-ever.Sound are pressure-waves in gas (air) and all gases float on any liquid!

How does your body float on water?

Because...our body has density.The amount of mass in a certain volume of matter is a property called density...the density of our body is less than the water that is why we float on water.But it's just a little less!