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The energy is provided by the mother.

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Q: What provides the energy for the embryo to grow?
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What provides nourishment for the plant embryo?

The endosperm does. It acts much like yolk in an egg does for the embryo developing in the egg: provides the necessary nutrients for the developing embryo to grow from.

What provides energy for cells to grow and divide?

ATP provides energy for the body's functions

How do fish eat when they are not born yet?

Fish develop from eggs that contain a yolk. The yolk (like the yolk of a chicken egg) provides the fish embryo with all the food energy it needs to grow until it hatches.

Where is a bird's embryo develop and grow?

The bird embryo develops inside the protective shell of the egg, using the egg yolk as a source of energy and materials from which it will develop.

What do zygotes grow into?


What does an egg contribute to an embryo?

It is the mother's gamete. It contains the 23 chromosomes that she provides to the embryo.

How a seed obtains energy during germination?

endosperm provides the seed with the energy to grow as it is the seeds source of food.

How is the sun is the primary source of energy on earth?

That means that - with a few exceptions - almost all energy around us can ultimately be traced back to the Sun. it provides light which provides energy to grow.

What does the albumin do in an amniotic egg?

it provides protein to the embryo

Can an embryo convert some form of energy into energy to sustain his or herself?

Obviously - otherwise the embryo wouldn't survive.

What does the yolk provide to the fertilized cells?

The egg yolk is the little baby that is going to born after it's mother heats it.

What substance provides humans with their main source of energy?

Carbohydrates are the nutrients that provides the first source of energy for humans. Nutrients are the nutritious components in foods that an organism utilizes to survive and grow.