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Comas are often used between multiple degrees however, slashes are used as well.

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Q: What punctuation separates multiple degrees after your full name?
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Is full punctuation a type of punctuation?

No, "full punctuation" is not a specific type of punctuation; it usually refers to the use of all standard punctuation marks like periods, commas, question marks, exclamation points, etc. for proper grammar and sentence structure.

Do you have a full stop after a piece of punctuation?

It depends on the type of punctuation and whether it's at the end of a sentence. A full stop isn't required after question marks or exclamation points as they already contain a full stop.

What punctuation mark would you use after 'as follows'?

full stop

If a sentence has no punctuation at the end is it a fragment?

The absence of punctuation does not in itself cause a string of words to be defined as a fragment, nor does the presence of punctuation cause a string of words to be defined as a sentence. A sentence without a full stop is not a fragment; it is a sentence without a full stop. A phrase followed by a full stop is not a sentence; it is a fragment.

Does Chinese have punctuation?

Yes, Chinese does have punctuation marks, including full stop (。), comma (,), question mark (?), exclamation mark (!), quotation marks (「」), and others. These punctuation marks are used to clarify sentence structures and indicate pauses or emphasis in writing.

What punctuation mark is placed at the end of a declaritive sentence?

A full stop.

How many degrees are there in a full turn?

In full turn,there are 360 degrees.

What separates Antarctica from its coast?

Nothing: Antarctica is in full possession of its coast.

Which punctuation mark do you use when stating an idea or fact?

A simple full stop is best.

Which punctuation mark do you use to state a fact?

A simple full stop is best.

How many degrees in a full roation?

There are approximately 360 degrees in a full rotation.

How many degrees is a full circle?

360 degrees are equivalent to a full circle.