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Q: What purpose of mythology does the Apollo and Daphne illustrate?
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In greek mythology daphne became what?

In order to escape the lovestruck sun-god Apollo, the nymph Daphne transformed into a laurel tree.

Who is eros greek mythology?

Eros is the god of love He is called Cupid in Roman. He is known for his great archery skills and making Apollo fall in love with Daphne but Daphne says no. Apollo and Daphne are his two enemies. We are not quite sure who his parents are; he could have been one of the first cosmic beings, born out of "Chaos".

What actors and actresses appeared in Apollo and Daphne - 2010?

The cast of Apollo and Daphne - 2010 includes: Guilherme Logullo as Apollo

What did Apollo hunt?

Apollo hunted with Daphne

What did Apollo hunt with?

Apollo hunted with Daphne

Why didn't Apollo have a wife?

In mythology Apollo loved Daphne, and chased after her, she fled him and became the laurel tree; so it could be a case of having love and lost and not wishing to tie himself to another.

Was Apollo married to daphne?


Who does Apollo desire?


How does Apollo honor Daphne?

Apollo honors Daphne by making the laurel tree his sacred tree. Daphne is turned into a laurel tree to save her from being raped by Apollo. Eros trying to prove to Apollo his bow was truly powerful shot Apollo with a golden arrow of love, and Daphne with an iron arrow forever turning her away from love.

Why does daphne's father turn daphne into a laural tree?

To protect her from Apollo

What is Daphne's symbol in mythology?

Daphne is the laurel tree. That is what she became, not a symbol.

Which first love was daphne?