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an optician is a specialist in fitting and dispensing eyewear and contact lenses to the consumer, (also know as a patient in a physicians office) the qualifications include knowledge of optics, the structure of the eye, and medical causes and effects that would affect a prescription (know as an RX or refraction) and the consumers abilities to see correctly with the dioptrics provided by usually a physician known as an optometrist or ophthalmologist. use of algebraic equations, abilities to solve fitting issues that arise from eyewear frames and location comparative to the recommended wearing location from both the physicians refraction. excellent communication skills are required as an optician acts as a liaison between the scientific/medical interpretation and the fashion and function of the medium chosen (either an eyeglass frame or contact lens) to execute the final step of the process in corrective vision.

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Q: What qualifications are needed to become an optician?
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