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Self-Respect Integrity Honesty Faithfulness Modesty Inner Strength Ambition Dedication (the list goes on...)

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What qualities do women respect in men?

Women tend to respect the fact that the guy isn't a big deucebag and they like when men are'nt totally timid and won't stand up for themselves. Women like the fact that you don't demand respect from people, you actually do things that are respectable.

Why do men mislead women?

Because they are bad men, do not respect women as they deserve, and objectify them.

Do men from India respect American women?

Nobody respects women.

What is the Hindu title of respect?

The Hindu title of respect is "Shri" for men and "Shrimati" for women.

What is an Indian title of respect?

The Indian title of respect is "Shri" for men and "Shrimati" for women.

What does Tom's breaking of Myrtle's nose indicate about his respect for her and Daisy?

it shows his lack of respect for women and it shows his belief that women are below men.

Why are women so stubborn?

All women are not stubborn, this is a sexist question. Men and women both have and show stubborn qualities.

Why don't women respect men?

In general, either the men have not earned their respect, or the women do not respect anyone; men are no exception. There are many levels of respect. Respect can be divided into the 3 following levels or types. Basic respect: Respect shown to everyone regardless. Respect that can be lost: Respect that is initially shown to strangers but can be lost or continued. Respect that must be earned: Respect that is not initially shown to a stranger but is shown to people who have earned it. The way a woman stereotypically respect men is different than the way men stereotypically respect men. Some men are sexist towards woman. Thus when a woman treats a man as if they are equals, a sexist man may find this attitude disrespectful. When a woman does not respect a man, it could be because of the woman, man or both of them (most common).

How were women treated in the 1600s?

they were treated with no respect as men thought they were better

How do Jewish men treat women?

They're supposed to treat them with respect. Unfortunately, there ARE abusive Jewish men.

Why women were unhappy with their place in society?

Women were unhappy with their place in society because they were always discriminated against by men. Men can never give women a chance but women always respect a mans choice. So why can't men do the same

How were women treated differently in Sparta and Athens?

In Sparta women were treated with alot of respect they get schooling and had all the rights men had. In Athens they got little respect, no education, or rights.

Do Jamaican men respect African American women?

it depends on the man and the woman in particular

Do most men really respect women?

Yes, if they are respectable and conduct themselves respectably.

What are qualities of a good boyfriend?

The qualities are freindship,humor,and respect.

What qualities do men like in women?

confidence, smooth talking, full of complements, be nice but at a limit,.

Women teachers are better than men teachers?

Not as a rule. It totally depends on individual qualities.

Were Tudor women equal to Tudor men?

No, because women were to obey men, women had to follow through exactly what the men told them to, if not they could be beaten, the Tudors were around before womens rights, so all women were treated poorly. They were expected to respect and obey men, always, no questions asked.

Why do women give the gifts to the men?

There are many different reasons why a woman might give a gift to men. It may be out of respect for example.

Tips for men about geting women?

Be yourself first and foremost. Treat the woman with respect, and be gentlemanly.

Among men and women who are better Managers?

but ofcourse women r best managers they hav managerial qualities inborn ex-mother

What was the purpose of Aretha Franklin's Respect?

The original song, by Otis Redding, was about women respecting men; but Aretha changed the lyrics slightly, and turned the song around to being about men respecting women.

Why should men respect women?

Because women are more respectable and important. From ancient times some women are considered as slaves who cook, wash and clean etc. Every human is created in equality. Therefore men and women the both genders should be respected equally. Women should also be given more respect because they play a important role in this world full of beings.

What impresses girls the most?

There are three main things that impress women the most. 1 is that you have to be trust worthy, 2 is that you need to respect a woman so they can respect you and lastly women love men who are funny/social.

What is the duration of Men of Respect?

The duration of Men of Respect is 1.88 hours.

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