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Q: What qualities make a logo effective?
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What qualities make any form of written communication effective and which qualities do you already include in your writing and how can you incorporate additional effective elements?

Maronda Childs

What qualities make written communication effective?

skills and knowledge and attitude towards it

What are the components of an effective logo?

money over everthing

What qualites make written communication effective?

Written communication is effective when if contains certain qualities. The letter should have clear, concise language, factual, and ends with an action statement.

How cost effective is it to give away cheap logo pens?

It is somewhat cost effective to give away cheap logo pens, as it may not be eco-friendly. Also, cheap logo pens often cause problems at work. Cheap logo pens may not be so cheap.

Which free logo design software is available online?

DesignEvo It is an entirely free online logo maker with a library of high quality icons and fonts that helps users make appealing and effective logos at ease.

What enhancements of performance need to be addressed to help in the career development?

Leadership qualities to make the team to be more motivated and effective as well.

What are the qualities of a researcher do you possess and why?

as a researcher, i possess the following qualities such as honest, effective and resourceful.W hy? because these re the qualities needed in researching.

What makes an effective logo?

There are 5 different aspects that make for an affective logo.1. A Logo should be simple, as to not distract from the business it represents. 2. A logo should be memorable. 3. A logo should timeless, so it can build brand recognition by not needing to be be replaced every several years. 4. A logo should be versatile so it can be used in many ways without needing redesigns. 5. A logo should be appropriate, so as to not confuse potential clients.

Different methods of communication are effective and appropriate for different situations and audiences For each what groups list a good communication method email face-to-face w?

what qualities make any form of written communication effective?

What are the quality of effective paragraph?

For a paragraph to be effective, it must possess three characteristics. It should have qualities such as unity, development, and coherence.

Is puma an effective logo?

puma is a very effective logo because with this logos uniqueness it is easily recognized and also cause of its simplicity. the puma logo is easily recognized because the logo itself is an animal called a puma or also known as a cougar also th elogo of puma with the actual word puma in it is good as well cause it is obvious it is puma if it says puma