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The Nike Mizuno Wave shoe is way better quality for what is it made out of, and is very comfortable. They are better than the Nike tennis shoe because they are more durable.

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bulok ung nike.

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Q: What qualities of Nike shoes than other shoes?
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How are Nike Lunar women's running shoes better than most other running shoes?

Nike Lunar women's running shoes are better than most other running shoes. If you need new shoes, and want to buy a pair of Nike Lunar women's running shoes. than get them at dicks spoting goods store.

Why are Nike Lunaracer Black running shoes better than other shoes?

The Nike Luna Racer running shoes in the color black are not any better than the other colors of the Luna Racers. The color of the shoes are a matter of personal preference.

What makes the Nike Air Max different than other shoes?

Nike Air Max shoes differ from other shoes in a multitude of different ways. One such way is the increased flexibility and versatility that one has when wearing these shoes.

What are some good Nike Pegasus wiki shoes that are not too expensive?

The Nike pegasus shoe is a good running shoe that is less expensive than other Nike running shoes. If you're looking for the cheapest version of Nike look into the Nike free running shoe line. They are cheaper than the pegasus and just as good.

Do Kahru running shoes fit smaller or larger than Nike running shoes?

Kahru's usually run smaller than nike.

Are the Nike Pegasus 27 men shoes good for all kinds of exercise?

The Nike Pegasus 27 is a great running shoe. It has an improved forefoot flexability as well as more support than what you find in other nike running shoes.

How many people wear Nike shoes than starter shoes?


How does Nike Pegasus for men compare to other shoes?

Based on the reviews it is more durable than most and has good support. Some brands have similar shoes, but not as durable as the Nike Pegasus. They have many options for them also.

What do most people prefer Adidas or nike shoes?

People prefer nike better than reebok because nike is in the fasion buisness and we did a survey on "do people prefer reebok or nike" and 79% said nike.

What is the difference between Nike Free shoes and Nike Free Run shoes?

The difference between nike running shoes and those in their other lines lies in the inner construction. The running shoes are constructed with a interlace running bed to provide more support to the ankle and arch. Sides have vents to give some fabric breathability.

Despite the looks, are Nike shoes better than most other running shoes?

To put it simply, no. There is not much else that Nike have to offer other than their good looks. If you aren't bothered about looks then I suggest that you go elsewhere to save yourself a ton of money and get yourself the same pair. You're just paying for the name if you buy from Nike.

Is the Nike zoom equal on 4 comfortable and a good buy?

It is an ok shoe, but it is expensive for the quality you get. There are many other brands of shoes other than Nike and I think you should have a look at Addidas if you are looking for shoes that are good quality but do not cost so much.