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Depends upon which metro are you from, and what your specialization is. It varies from 4.5k->8k +/- 2k varying amongst metros. Finance & Marketing fetch highest starters; HR usually has the fastest climb up the corporate ladder.

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An AAB (Associate of Applied Business) or an ABA(Associate of Business Administration) are both fairly general degrees.

Unless you chose a specialization during your studies, you will most likely have to settle for an entry level position until you can:

# get more experience on the job # continue your studies to earn a Bachelor's Degree # acquire additional certifications relevant to the industry you want to go into

You could go into any of the following industries with a AAB/ABA:

* Accounting * Entrepreneurship * Financial Planning * Human Resource Management * International Business * Information Systems * Management and Strategy * Marketing * Property and Asset Management * Tourism, Leisure and Events Management That said, your salary is very hard to pinpoint. Your earning potential will be higher, and you will have more job opportunities if you continue your studies for another 2 years to get your Bachelor's.

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i thnk 80000

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Q: What range of salary is obtained with a Bachelor in Business Administration?
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When the completed the study of Bachelor of Business Administration after how will starting the salary package?

What? Do you mean How much should my starting salary be after I've completed my bachelor's degree in business administration? It depends on what sector of business you are going into.

Anual Salary with Bachelor in business Administration.?

The average annual salary of someone with a degree in Bachelor in Business Administration is $67,500. It may vary depending on experience, company, and work location.

Average starting salary in business administration?

The average salary of a business administrator is $88,000. Most business administrators have a bachelor's degree and years of experience.

What are the merits and demerits of business administration?

merits and demerits of wages and salary administration

How much salary for a business management bachelor's degree?

Rs. 216000/- p.a

What's the starting salary for the business administration?

Working in business administration can bring in a varied salary between $43,000 a year to roughly $72,000 a year. This difference in salaries depends on a number of factors from whether he has a degree to what type of business he is employed with.

How much money money can you make with a bachelor's in business?

According to CNN/Money the average starting salary for a BA in Business Administration is $39,488 in 2005. Keep in mind that many business people do not have a bachelor's degree in Business. In my field, securities (as in stocks, bonds, etc.), many folks have an engineering degree. They typically get an MBA, but the quantitative demands of engineering serve one well in business.2$depends

What is the median business administration salary in Ohio?

The median salary for business administration varies by locations in Ohio. I have found that the median in Columbus is $86,463, Cleveland is $88,049, and Toledo is $82,914. Salary dot com can assist you with finding the median wage for your particular area.

What is the average starting salary for a bachelor's degree in Business Management?

avg of $43,823. in 2008

What type of job can be obtained with a Bachelor in Business Administration and in what range of salary?

Marketing Manager - 40-70K Accounting same Finance Manager same Customer Service Program Manager Career Section in Library can help more And also an honest answer: I really don't know! -- without knowing about your interests, experience, aspirations. -Gaven Khan

Definition of wage and salary administration?

Wage and salary administration is when a person looks at everyone's pay at a company and makes sure it is in line with what the company can afford. Money management is a major part of every business.

What is the salary a bba gets?

Bachelor of Business Administration (BBA) is only a bachelor degree. In this fierce competition world BBA students feel great difficulty in getting a job. MBA is minimum requirement with some experiencing in order to get the job. If a BBA student gets a job he will be paid according to the level of his intellect. The second thing which will be seen while deciding the salary is the University from where a student has qualified for the degree.