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Hawaii is the 43rd largest US State.

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Hawaii is ranked 43rd among the 50 US States in area.

None.Hawaii shares no borders with other States.

Hawaii ranks 47th in size at 6,549 total square miles.

Hawaii is a state of the United States. In other words, Hawaii is owned by the United States therefore it is apart of it.

Hawaii is an Island, it is bordered only by the ocean and by no other landmasses or states

It is a string of islands, not like other states! :) ^_^

It is west of the other states.

Hawaii does not touch any other states as it is a group of islands in the Pacific Ocean. Hawaii is about 2,500 miles away from the Contiguous US.

The state of Hawaii is a group of 8 islands out in the middle of the Pacific Ocean. Therefore there are no other states boarding Hawaii.

Hawaii is the only island state in the United States. Hawaii has the largest tourism industry of any United States state.

Alaska and Hawaii do not border any other states.

Hawaii is a cluster of islands in the middle of the Pacific Ocean.

Either Manhattan or Hawaii. . . . I will vote for Hawaii.

Four percent (4%) or two of 50. They are Alaska and Hawaii. The only two states in the U.S. that do not touch any other states are Hawaii and Alaska.

Alaska and Hawaii are US states that don't border other US states.

Two states border no other states: Alaska and Hawaii.

Alaska and Hawaii do not border any other state.

Alaska and Hawaii both do not have borders other than their coastlines.

By area, Hawaii is the 43rd largest US State.

Hawaii is the only state that is made up entirely of islands.

no hawaii does not share a border with any other state in the united states

The tourists of Hawaii come from the other 49 states, Japan and most of the World.

2 states do not touch each other out of the 50 states. Those states are Alaska and Hawaii

All the states except for Hawaii and Alaska. In other words, the contiguous states of America consists of all the states that touch each other, and Hawaii and Alaska are outside of the happy little circle. But they're still states. :)

Alaska and Hawaii are not in the continental United States. Hawaii is an island in the Pacific Ocean and Alaska is separated by Canada from the 48 lower states.

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