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What rare Pokemon are in FireRed?

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mewtwo,articuno,zapdos,moltres,deoxys,mew,jirachi, and that's all i know of. Articunos in seafoam islands,zapdos is in powerplant,mewtwos in curealean cave,moltresis in mt ember on island 1 after you beat the 7 gym. deoxys,mew, and jirachi and other Pokemon are with your first talk to your mom 42 times or more i hea rthan she says shes lonley, than WALK to indigo plateau and talk to nurse joy she says something about your dad.go to vermillion fly and wait 5 min outside the gym then go in and talk to surge he will tell you something. next go to seafoam islands and there is your dad battle him. he will give you a jirachi,mew,deoxys,etcof your choice. your starter must be at leastlv 75. hope this helps.

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In Pokemon FireRed can you buy rare candies?


Many rare candy on Pokemon FireRed?


What is the most common rare Pokemon in Pokemon FireRed?

your mother and your father

Where can you find rara pokemon in Pokemon FireRed?

by rara do u mean rare if so your starter is rare

How do you get Rare Candy on Pokemon firered?

you find rare candy in the random pokeballs

Where can you buy rare candy in pokemon firered?

No you cant.

How many rare candies are in Pokemon FireRed?


How do you get 9999 rare candies in Pokemon FireRed?


Pokemon FireRed codebreakers?

a44afb0b687970 for rare candy]

Where can you get any shiny Pokemon in FireRed?

Anywhere, but they are rare.

In Pokemon firered how do you get 999 rare candy?


What rare Pokemon lives in the icecave firered?


Can rare candies be cloned in Pokemon FireRed?


How do you get 1000 master balls and rare candies in Pokemon FireRed?

pokemon fire red 1000masterballs and rare candies

Where is the blue rare candy in Pokemon Firered?

It don't exist

Where do you get rare candys in Pokemon FireRed?

you can get it by this code 820258400044 in your pc

Where to find rare candys on Pokemon FireRed?

in pokeballs on the ground.

How do you get all the rare candies in Pokemon firered?

Find them! Lol:p

Where is clefairy in Pokemon FireRed?

in mt moon-it is very rare

What is rare Pokemon in FireRed in icefall cave?

Lapras and delibird.

How can you get more rare candies in Pokemon FireRed?

cheat codes

What rear Pokemon are in Pokemon FireRed?

Rare Pokemon that can be caught in firered are: Moltres, Zapdos, Articuno, Mewtwo, Raikou/Suicune/Entei (depends on which starter Pokemon you choose).

What rare dog do you get in Pokemon FireRed?

you cant get or find any rare dogs without cheats

Where can you buy rare candies on pokemon firered?

You cannot purchase rare candy anywhere in the game.

Can you cach rare Pokemon in Pokemon FireRed?

Yes you can. There are rare Pokemon like Deoxys,Mew,MewTwo,Ho-oh,Lugia Moltres,Zapdos,The other legendary bird,and some other PokemonAnswerYou can catch rare Pokemon on every Pokemon game, especially FireRed. The rare or legendary Pokemon that can be caught in FireRed are: ArticunoZapdosMoltresMewtwoMew (Event Pokemon)Raikou (if you chose Squirtle)Entei (if you chose Bulbasaur)Suicune (if you chose Charmander)Lugia (Event Pokemon)Ho-Oh (Event Pokemon)Deoxys [Attack form] (Event Pokemon)All other rare Pokemon from the Hoenn region (such as Kyogre and Rayquaza) must be traded to FireRed.