What rate is Ross jogging in miles per hour if he jogs at a rate of 1 mile every 0.25 hours?

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His rate is 4 miles per hour.
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Why would a short 3 mile jog cause you to be physically exhausted for over 8 hours?

Answer . If you were use to this 3 mile jog without problems before you may be coming down with a virus or cold possibly. It's a good idea to see your doctor and have your thyroid and adrenal gland checked out. There may be nothing wrong, but if you are feeling lethargic throughout the day it's ( Full Answer )

How many calories do you burn jogging 1 mile?

Well it depends on your weight, fitness level, incline of the surface, how much body heat your clothing holds in, how hydrated you are... etc. Usually somewhere between 100-150 calories per mile. ~ M for a one hour jog its about 900 calories burned

If you travel 1 mile at 1000 miles per hour and then another mile at 1 mile per hour what is your average speed?

Previously Written::"WRONG! the average speed is the mean ..or (1000 + 1) divided by 2 . 1000 miles an hour" . Edited Answer:: . You have to take in to account of not only the speed but the distance traveled in the time allotted. You cover two miles in 3603.6 Seconds or roughly one mile per 1, ( Full Answer )

When a Car is traveling at a rate of eighty four miles per hour What is the car's rate in miles per minute?

1.4 miles per minute 1 mile per minute at 60 mph. A good way to check speedometer acuracy is to time between mile markers. Speed up or slow down until you are timing 60 seconds between each and then see what speed the speedometer reads. If it is 60 mph it is correct. If it is slower (say 55 mph) tha ( Full Answer )

How many calories burned if biking at a rate of 10 miles per hour?

The degree of resistence will determine how much. You would have to account for your weight, the weight of the bike, the surface you're riding on, the material, density and texture of the tires you're riding on, the angle of the surface you're riding on...It's subjective, so has no one right answer. ( Full Answer )

How do you convert a rate of miles per hour to a rate of miles per second?

This can be done through a method called " Dimensional Analysis ." This method allows you to easily convert any unit of metric to standard or vice-versa. This is achieved by properly setting up the coversion ratio's to cancelled the unwanted unit thus leaving the desired unit. For example, ( Full Answer )

Miles biked in one hour at an average rate of 17.6 ft per second?

This problem is solved through some basic math. Step 1. Multiply 17.6 x 60 (The number of feet per second times the number of seconds in a minute) Step 2. Multiply 1056 x 60 (The number of feet traveled in a minute by the number of minutes in an hour) Step 3. Divide 63360 x 5280 (The number of fe ( Full Answer )

If you run 5 mile in 1 hour what is your rate in feet per second?

If you run 5 miles in an hour, that means you are running 5 miles per hour. So, you first need to convert miles to feet. There are 5280 feet in a mile, so multiply that by 5. Then, to figure out how many seconds are in an hour, multiply the 60 seconds in a minute to the 60 minutes in an hour. Di ( Full Answer )

A car takes 11 hours to go 660 miles what is the rate of speed in miles per hour?

Speed is given in 'miles per hour'. The word per just means 'each' or 'every', so we could just a s well say 'miles each hour' or 'miles every hour'. So, basically the car has travelled 660 miles in 11 hours so we have to find how many miles it travels in just one hour. To get the answer we divide ( Full Answer )

What is 1 mile per hour in feet per second?

There are 5280 feet in one mile. Therefore, 1 mile per hour is equal to 5280 feet per hour. There are 3600 seconds in one hour. Therefore, 5280 feet per hour is equal to 5280/3600 = 1.46 recurring (that is, 1.46666...) feet per second.

Bette drives at 60 miles per hour for 2 and a half hours and at 75 miles per hour for 1 and a half hours what is her average rate of speed?

Average speed = (total distance covered) divided by (time to cover the distance) Distance in the first 2.5 hours = (2.5 x 60) = 150 miles Distance in the next 1.5 hours = (1.5 x 75) = 112.5 miles Total distance = (150 + 112.5) = 262.5 miles Total time = (2.5 + 1.5) = 4 hours Average s ( Full Answer )

How many calories are burned by jogging 1 mile?

For a 150-pound person, it's around 100 calories. You can use the running calculator below to get a more precise estimate based on your weight. Note that you burn about 60 calories per hour just being awake and functional. So if you are running 6mph, or a 10-minute mile, then you used would have ( Full Answer )

How many calories do you burn jogging 3 miles in one hour?

That depends on how hard you go at it, your size and a few other things. If I run full tilt for one hour, I can shed about 800+ calories, but I'd get a bit farther than 3 miles at that pace. 3 miles I'd do in about 30 minutes, and some 400-500 calories.

How do you convert a rate of y miles per hour to x miles per second?

y miles per hour = y/60 miles per minute (60 minutes per hour) y/60 miles per minute = (y/60)/60 miles per second Take y, the number of miles traveled per hour, and divide by 3600 to get the amount of miles per second. Example: 100 miles per hour --> miles per second 100/3600 = 1/36 1/36 miles per s ( Full Answer )

How far can a plane fly if at a rate of 190 miles per hour for 5?

it is simple. if it goes 190 miles in one hour, to find out how many miles it will go in 5 hours, multiply 190 by 5. This is such a simple question! I can't believe people don't know this! If you need more help, purplemath.com is a great website. it gives good explanations too. good luck with your m ( Full Answer )

What rate is equivalent 60 miles per hour?

60 mph can be converted into lots of different rates, eg: 1 hr = 60 minutes 1 minute = 60 seconds 1 yd = 3 ft 1 mile = 1760 yds → 60 mph = 60 * 1760 yd/hr = 105600 yds/hr = 105600 ÷ 60 yds/min = 1760 yds/min = 1760 ÷ 60 yds/sec =29 1/3 yd/sec = 29 1/3 × 3 ft/s = 88 ft/s 1 mile = 1.60 ( Full Answer )