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3.46 for auto and manual transmission.

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Q: What rear gears does an 04 gto have?
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What is the rear axle to axle width on a 69 GTO 10 bolt?

The Rear Axel for a 1969 Pontiac GTO is 60"

How much horespower does a 04 gto have?

The 2004 gto has 350 hp coming from the engine but that is not rwhp.

Does a 2002 ws6 Pontiac hood fit an 04-06 gto?

Yes, it fits the 2002 Pontiac WS6 Cover 04-06 GTO.

What size speakers in 04 gto?

6 1/2"

What are the gears on a bike called?

Gears are called gears. You have internal gears and external gears. Front shifter + front derailer and rear shifter + rear derailer for bikes with external gears.

Where are the rear gears n a 1995 ford bronco?

On a 1995 Ford Bronco : The rear gears are INSIDE the rear differential ( pumpkin ) located in the middle between the 2 rear wheels

Can you use a Cadillac cts v supercharger on an 04 Pontiac gto?


Are 1966 gto fenders the same as 1967 gto fenders?

"66 rear fenders and '67 are not the same. Those are called Quarter Panels.

What type of gears make your car go faster?

For a faster top speed, you'd want shorter rear end gears. For quicker acceleration, you'd want taller rear end gears.

When to switch gears in a Pontiac gto transmission?

Assuming your referring to the 04-06 gto's that were equipped with t56 6 speed transmissions, and keeping all other things stock such as the rear end ratio, tire size and engine redline, then the shift points goes as follows: 1st: 46mph 2nd: 66 mph 3rd: 96 mph 4th: 137 mph 5th: 163 mph and 6th redlines at 240 mph. Stock horsepower gtos are draglimited to under 200 mph

Which gears in a differential are the ones that tend to break when a spinning rear wheel gets traction?

The spider gears.

What year was the gto that Bruce Willis drove in the movie bandits?

The GTO in Bandits was a 1967 GTO. From the front 1965-1967 GTOs look very similar. The tell in the film is the tail lights. Only the 1967 GTO broke the tail lights out into fours on either side of the rear of the car.

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