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He was interested in someone else, but they turned him down.

He realised he was wrong to turn you down.

He is immature, and does not know what he wants.

He is feeling horny, and knows you're interested.

You are sending out mixed signals, so he does not know if you are interested, or not.

The possibilities are endless.

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Q: What reasons is for a guy to not want you then after a week or two he wants you back?
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What reasons is for a guy to act like he wants to breakup then after a week or two he's calling you acting like he misses you?

It is an immature attempt to gain a sense of self worth. He wants to see you beg him not to leave. He wants to leave anyway so that you see that he is not afraid to leave. Then, he wants you to feel as if he accepted you back. This process will continue as long as you allow it to.

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